Monday, March 31, 2014

The Goddess, a Poem and the Puppets

New Entries

stamp from the set 2 1995 "World Heritage Sites (2nd series)" ; it represents the Goddess Kannon..
I want to say something about the stamps I present today; I have this lot at home for a long time, and Yesterday when I was classifying them I noted the presence in most of them, of these wavy postmarks , that can deteriorate the overall aspect of the stamp... the stamps are in good shape but ...
Perf: 13
SG(2347)  Sc(A1892) 

this is a stamp from the set 2 1995 "Cultural Pionners" and represents the painter Hayami Gyoshu.. when I'm talking here about Culture , I must say that Japan has one of my "most Wanted" series "Men of Culture series" 1949 ; only have 2/18 stamps of this series and they are somehow rare...
Perf: 13
SG(2326)  Sc(2535)

these stamps represent a Japanese classical form of Theatre ("Kabuki). 
The 1st 2 stamps are from a complete series of 1991 "Kabuki Series / 2nd. Issue" and the 3rd is from a series of 2 from 1992 "Kabuki Series (5th series)" .. They all belong to the same series , but different issues , from 1991 to 1992 (the total is  6 series of 2).
Perf : 13 and 13.5 (The bigger stamps have 13.5 of perforation, while the smaller have 13)
SG(2164,2165,2186)  Sc(2094,2095,2099)

 Complete set 1987 "Philatelic Week. Paintings by Goyo Hashiguchi."; Philatelic Week is one of the famous Japan series, because it has been issued since 1948, year when the chrysanthemum seal was banned from stamp production.. some of the earlier stamps have already significant catalog values...(that is not the case of these 2 stamps...)
Perf:  13
SG(1890,1891)  Sc(1737,1738)

complete set 1987 "Centenary of Japan-Thailand Friendship Treaty"
Perf: 13
SG(1910)  Sc(1754)

This is a stamp from a beautiful Series 40 1987/1989. I've been searching for stamps of this set , and I've got now 35 stamps.. the series is about a poem ""Narrow Road to a Far Province" by Basho Matsuo"; the set is dived in 10 groups of 4 stamps; each group has 2 stamps with the poem itself and 2 stamps with beautiful landscapes or designs. It is , without doubts another "must have" situation..!
This stamp in particular belongs to a set 1988 ""Narrow Road to a Far Province" by Basho Matsuo 4th Issue" 
Perf: 13.5 x 13
SG(1928)  Sc(1725)

Complete set 1988 " International Puppetry Festival, Nagoya, Iida and Tokyo. "
Perf: 13
SG(1956,1957,1958,1959)  Sc(1800,1801,1802,1803)

Complete set 1978 "Centenary of Tokyo Astronomical Observatory".
the stamp is slightly damaged..
Perf: 13
SG(1512)  Sc(1350)

Complete set 1995 "Modern Anatomy Education."
Perf: 13
SG(2353)  Sc(2459)

Complete set 1989 "50th Anniv of Japanese Copyright Control Act."
Perf: 13
SG(2028)  Sc(1999)

Here is another 2 stamps from a 1986 complete set "Philatelic Week. Details of "South of Hateruma" by Kaigetsu Kikuchi"
while the 1st stamp has a beautiful postmark, that annoys nobody, the 2nd is almost destroyed by a terrible wavy postmark..
Perf: 13
SG(1834,1835)  Sc(1669,1670) 


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