Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A King , A Queen , A President and the saint

New Entries


These are two series about King Alexander of Yugoslavia..Reigned from 1921 to 1934 ;
the 1st set 10 1932 "King Alexander (1932/1933)" don't have any inscriptions in the frame below  the king's Head... the other, "King Alexander (1931/1934)" has 14 stamps and a inscription in Cyrillic in the frame.
Perf: 12.5
Sc(78,80,81,82,84,85) (65,67,68)

 This is a stamp from a set 12 1945 "Marshal Tito" ; The so called Marshal of Yugoslavia was leader of the Unified Yugoslav Army and 1st. President of Yugoslavia.
Josip Broz Tito distinguish himself during the II World War, as leader of the Partisans , the Yugoslav Resistance Movement to the Occupation, famous outside their borders because of their fierce resistance and elaborated activity.. During the time of Leadership , Tito struggle to maintain a Unified Yugoslavia , despite the known divergences between Serbs, Croats and Slovens (for some he Was a dictator, to others a hero... what is the true?? I don't know and I think that  it is that kind of "things" that doesn't worry me , as a stamp collector.. YES to Stamps!!! No to Politics!!! when We are working with our stamps , Politics stay's at the door...)
Perf: 12.5
SG(497)  Sc(167)

 two stamps from a set 12 1945 "Marshal Tito and the Partisans"
Perf: 12.5
SG(505,509)  Sc(176,177)

stamp from set 2 1957 "350th Birth Anniv of M. A. de Ruyter."
Perf: 12.5 x 12
SG(848)  Sc(370)

from the set 2 1948 "Queen Juliana Coronation"
Queen Juliana reigned from 1948 to 1980...

Perf: 13 x 14 
SG(672)  Sc(304)

Complete set 1962 that commemorates the 35 Years of marriage of Queen Juliana and  Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld
Perf: 14 x 13
SG(919,920)  Sc(389,390)

Complete set 1954 "1200th Anniv of Martyrdom of St. Boniface"
Perf: 12.5 x 12
SG(801)  Sc(365)

4 stamps from the set 8 1930 "AIR"
perf: 13.5
SG(311,312,313,134)  Sc(C12,C13,C14,C15)

from the set 3 1947 "Two Year Plan"
Perf: 12.5
SG(488)  Sc(323)


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