Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Horses in the Sand

New Entries

The stamp represents Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif, king of Morocco from 1672 to 1727..from all the countries of North Africa, Morocco ( or "Marrocos" in Portuguese.)  is the one that had direct intervention in Portugal's History..My interest in Morocco's Philately has began when I bought a small lot of French Morocco's stamps.. they were beautiful, I bought more, but slowly, a desire to have some stamps of the Independent Morocco has grown.. so in recent times (a year or two ago..), I start buying some of these stamps..[now I don't buy anything, as you know..!.]
The stamp is a complete series from 1963.. The King appears because he was the responsible for the Upgrade of Meknes to Morocco Capital..This is a series that commemorates the " 300th Anniversary of Meknes as Morocco Capital"
Perf: 12.5
SG(131) Sc(85)

the stamp is a reproduction of a painting by Eugene Delacroix (1845 'Sultan of Morocco').. the painting represents Sultan Abderrahmane of Morocco (ruled from 1822 to 1859)..
Complete series 1964 "3rd Anniv of King Hassan's Coronation"
We have some more King Hassan II stamps to show , in the end of this post..
Perf: 13 x 12
SG(147) Sc(101) [Engraved stamp]

Complete series 1966 "20th Anniversary of UNESCO"
Perf: 11.5 x 12
SG(187) Sc(C13)
[AIR MAIL] [Engraved and Lithographed]

I heard more experienced Philatelists talking about "téte béche" pairs , but I actually didn't saw one  'live'... I have many thousands of stamps and this is the only pair I've got with these characteristics.. so i conclude that it isn't a common item to have ...
In this particular stamp it is not uncommon because the stamps of this series are printed this way ( téte béche sheets of 10..)..
series 3 1967 "fishes"
Perf: 11.5
SG(194) Sc(150)

Definitive series of King Hassan II of Marocco... it is not complete..
I had to classify all of these 14 stamps yesterday night, so it is why there are so few stamps in this post..(There was no time for more..)
series 20 "King Hassan II (1968/1974)"
Perf: 13

Complete series 1986 "Horse Week"
Perf: 13
SG(708) Sc(626)





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