Saturday, May 10, 2014

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Today I'm going to present some very common stamps from Canada ; from the classic days to the 80's..

Here we have two stamps from king Edward VII.. I have to excuse myself for presenting stamps in so "bad shape" , but they are the only one's I've got , at the moment...I would like very much that someone explain me what is the real purpose of having this "Wavy"  kind of cancellation ; is it just to spoil others pleasure in having stamps in decent conditions..??. 
from the set 7 "King Edward VII (1903/1908)"
Perf: 12

some King George V stamps.. they are separated . because they belong to different series..
1)2) set 18 "King George V (1911/1925)" ; the 1st is from 1911 and the 2nd from 1922
     Perf: 12
3) set 7 1932 "King George V "
     Perf: 12
4) set 11 1935 "King George V"
     Perf: 12

1) This stamp is from the set 6 1937 "George VI"  
     Perf: 12
In the other 3 stamps ,King George VI appears wearing the uniforms of the 3 Military branches  ( Navy, Air Force, Army ) .. these are stamps from a set 14 named "War Effort (1942/1945)" ... in this set not only the King appears , but boats, Tanks , the Parliament Building, etc.. It is a "Most Wanted" series..
    Perf : 12

"Portraits of King George VI" is the name of this 6 set 1949 .. 
the last stamp belongs to a set 2 1951 with the same name.

Perf: 12
Sc(285,286,287) (306)


Complete set 1968 "50th Anniv of 1918 Armistice" ; it represents a Canadian Memorial to those who participate in the I World War .
Perf: 12

Next I'm going to present some stamps only with the Scott Catalog Number ; I'm doing this because I am "sick" of inventing names for the series... I think that in National Catalogs these series have names , and I don't understand why they are not transcribed to these world Catalogs.. 

457                                351


      343                      597


Sorry again for the condition of these stamps and for my actual bad mood...


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