Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Three Portraits

New Entries

I like to start this post by saying that I am a little sad about my priorities... despite my miserable financial condition , I couldn't resist to buy some stamps last week ... very good prices and above everything the opportunity..!
Tomorrow I will show what I have received Yesterday morning... it is just a set , but an important one.. Beautiful stamps..!

Today I have some stamps from Colombia and I will need some more posts to end their classification , because the waiting list is long..

When I was choosing which stamps to classify and after a superficial view , I saw that from the classic Years until almost the 60's , Colombia's Philately was a "battle field" of Giant Engraver Company's.. We find Waterlow & Sons, American Bank Note Co, Thomas De La Rue, etc..
this particular series is worked by Perkins, Bacon Co, Ltd .. This is not a negative comment.. The quality and beauty of the stamps is almost guaranteed.!.
The series is a mix of important personalities, coat of arms, Monuments, and views from Colombia...[ The Independence from Spanish Empire is the main subject of the Series..)
 The personalities represented are : 1)Francisco José De Caldas (Founder of the city of Caldas and the Colombian  Department of Caldas )
2) Camilo Torres, Politician and Advocate.
3) Antonio Nariño, Political and Military leader of the Independence Movement.
4) Simon Bolivar, a Political and Military Leader..Led Venezuela, Colombia, Equador, Peru and Bolivia to the Independence from the Spanish Empire.
5) José Maria Córdova , General from the Colombian Army in the Latin America War against Spain... 
The Perforation is 14 for all the 12 stamps of the series..
It was issued during 1917...

[Left] stamp issued in 1926 , belonging to a series 12 . It represents Francisco De Paula Santander, Political and military Leader of the Independence Movement.
Perf: 14
[Right] stamp issued in 1924 , from a series of 4 , representing Simon Bolivar.
Perf: 14

The Coat of Arms of the city of Bogotá is represented in this stamp, from a set 7 1938 "400th Anniversary of Bogotá"..
Perf: 14

two stamps are presented, with the same subject ("picking cofee")..Both are printed and engraved by The American Bank Note Co.; the 1st is from 1934 and the 2nd from 1939 .. The 1st was issued alone and the 2nd in a set 8( with various motifs..)
As You can see the 2nd stamp has an curious overprint .. it is a "Victory" Overprint from 1945 with the portraits of Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill, representing themselves the major winning parts (if there is a winner in a War....) .. it is also necessary to say that there are 3 possible overprints (in Black, Red or Green..)
Perf: 12

from a set 6 1947 "Colombian Orchids"
Perf: 12

Complete set from 1949 "75th Anniv of National Agricultural Society." ; the stamp represents Juan De Dios Carrasquilla, founder of the society.
Perf: 12.5

These are small but beautiful stamps from 1952.. picking up again the conversation about Engraver company's, I don't resist to say that these are the most recent stamps from Waterlow & Sons, that I know of.. I am sure that there are others more recent ( the 1953 example , shown below..) , because Waterlow was acquired by De La Rue , only in 1961.. 
from a set 4 1952 "Colombian Personalities"
Perf: 11.5

stamp from 1939 overprinted with "Reversion Consesion Mares 25 Agosto 1951"; the stamp represents an oil well and the main subject is the reversion of the Mares Oil concession to Colombia.
Perf: 12
Sc(596) Complete set

Complete set from 1957 " 50th Anniv of Military Cadet School" 
Perf: 12.5

[Left] from a set 4 1953 "Colombian Chorographical Commission Centenary."
Perf: 13.5 x 13

[Right] from a set 4 1954 "Tercentenary of Senior College of Our Lady of the Rosary, Bogota"
Perf: 11.5 x 12.5


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