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Pigeons at the Fountain

New Entries

Finally I decided to make a post completely dedicated to Morocco Stamps..It only have stamps from the French Period.. I think I will need one more post to end this period.. 
I will make a Chronological approach , with stamps starting in 1914..

This is a stamp originated in France in 1900 and presented in Morocco in the Surcharged form , for the first time in 1903 (with the label 'Maroc' and surcharge in 'Centimos' / Spanish Currency)..In 1911 it was surcharged in French Currency and Arabic Label and in 1914 was Overprinted with ' Protectorate Française' ..
The stamp is commonly known as 'Type Merson' in homage to it's Designer Luc-Olivier Merson..

1914 "Overprint 'Protectorate Française' on 'Surcharged Type Merson 1911'" (5) [Des (Luc-Olivier Merson)][Engr (M. Thevenén)] Sc(51)

Two beautiful stamps from the first of the many series from this period , dedicated to Morocco Monuments and Landscapes..
The 1st stamp represents the Tower of Hassan, Rabat and the 2nd the Koutoubiah, Marrakesh.

1917 "Religious and Historical Monuments and Sites" (17) [Des (Joseph De La Neziere)][Engr (A. Mignon/1st)(A.Delzers/2nd)][Recess] Sc(55,64)

1917/1926 "Postage Due Stamps" (8) [Des (Joseph De La Neziere)][Engr (Ch. Crespelle)][Typo] Sc(J27,J28,J29)

The design of the first two stamps was already used in the 1st series of 1917...the 3rd stamp represents Bab Mansour,Meknes

1923/1927 "Religious and Historical Monuments and Sites" (26) [Des (Joseph De La Neziere)][Engr/Recess (Helio Vougirard,Paris)] Sc(102,105,107)

This is a 1933 Air Mail Series representing an Air view of Rabat and the Tower of Hassan.
It should be noticed the perfin present in the 2nd stamp (it has 3 letters and form the word 'BEM' / that means 'Banque d'Etat du Maroc' )

1933 "Air View over Rabat and Casablanca" (6) [Des (Belliot)][Engr (A. Delzers)][Recess] Sc(C15,C16)

From the more conservative style of Joseph De La Neziere , we are now entering the days of the more Modern vision of Camile Paul Josso . He was the Designer of the 1st and 2nd stamps, and was of great importance from now on , in the Morroco Philately..
The first two stamps highlight the importance of the Cedar in Morocco's Landscapes..the 3rd show us a View from Fez and the 4th represents a Mosque in Sale..

1939/1942 "Religious and Historical Monuments and Sites" (37) [Des (Camille Paul Josso /1st,2nd)(J.E. Laurent / 3rd)(H.Hourtal / 4th)][Engr (Pierre Gandon /1st,2nd)(J.Piel / 3rd)(G. Barlangue /4th)][Recess] Sc(155,165,170,171A)

Now we have stamps of smaller dimensions, but equally beautiful..The first two stamps represent the Oudayas Gate in Rabat.. the 3rd and 4th show us the Nejjarine Fountain in Fez; the 5th stamp take us to the Gardens of Mekne.. This post today seem's like  tourism Publicity , but in my opinion what counts it's the beauty of the stamps... now that I'm thinking of this particular aspect , and if we put side by side the visions of the French and that of the Portuguese (for example..)  in what concerns the Philately of their Colonies, We can for certain conclude that the French were much more concerned in highlight the Culture and Religion of the Colonies , and the Portuguese to pass the message of the Colonizer (with great focus in Portuguese Culture and History...there were exceptions, of course..)

1949 "Morocco City Views" (8) [Des (A. Delpy)][Engr (Feltess/1st,2nd)(Raoul Serres/3rd,4th)(Dufresne/5th)][Recess] Sc(248,250,252,253,255)

Once again we have small format stamps.. the 4 first stamps belong to a series and the 5th to other one..
1st) Karaouine Mosque, Fez
2nd) Oudayas Patio, Rabat
3rd,4th) Oudayas Point , Rabat
The 2nd stamp present us two varieties, differing one to another by the letters used to assemble the label 'Maroc' .. in this case we have a 'Type 2' stamp..

1951/1953 "Morocco City Views" (10) [Des (A. Delpy)][Engr (R. Cottet/1st)(Pheulpin/2nd)(Raoul Serres/3rd,4th)][Recess] Sc(272,276,277,278)

1954 "Morocco City Views" (3) [Des (A. Delpy)][Engr (Charles Mazelin)][Recess] Sc(297)

1955 "Bab El Mrissa, Sale" (10) [Des (A. Delpy)][Engr (Cheffer)][Recess] Sc(311,...,314)

This last stamp show us an Air View over Rabat and the Hassan Tower.. 

1955 "Bou Regreg Estuary, Rabat" (3) [Des (A. Delpy)][Engr (Munier)][Recess] Air Mail Sc(C54)



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