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Today I have another of those posts with not so many "talk" and several beautiful, beautiful stamps..some Turkish series from the Ottoman period and 2 others from the Republican Days..

Let us start , without delay...

two stamps from the series "Recapture of Adrianople" from 1913 Surcharged in the first case and overprinted in the second..This series in it's original form as 3 stamps with this common design representing the Mosque of Selimiye. this series was the first one of  Turkish Philately to have designed pictures of monuments ,people or Natural Landscapes .. I couldn't find the right Sc codes for the 2nd stamp (I'm sure it is there , but I missed it..)..
1) 1913 "Surcharge  over 'Recapture of Adrianople'" (4) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson Co.)] Sc(J62)

This is a Magnificent series, with great designs from Oskan Effendi.. The series is divided into Paras values and Piastra values.. the first 4 values (Paras) are [Litho] Printed and the others (Piastras) are [Recess] Printed .. the series is not completed (4 stamps are missing),because some of the high values are really High!!! Monuments and Landscapes are represented in these stamps with great detail.. I remember you that  for a closer view of the stamps, just click them..! the last stamp represented shouldn't be there , because it is not from the desired color.. the value is the same , and the design also, but the color is from a stamp issued in 1920 for another series of Landscapes..
1914 "Sights and views from Turkey" (17) [Des (Oskan Effendi)][Litho (Paras values)][Recess (Piastra Values)(Bradbury Wilkinson Co Ltd, London)] Sc(254,...,265,596)

I bought last year a Turkish Catalog (Pulko 2006), and it  divides this series in two different one's..This is a natural fact, because Scott ,sometimes merge series in order to facilitate the reading of the catalog and posterior classification of the stamps.. In most cases, I use the Scott version ...well, Pulko divide the series in two, the first part issued in 1916/1917 and the second in 1917/1918..The 1st is called (by Pulko) "Dolmabahce Series" (Dolmabahce is the Sultan's Palace) and correspond to the Recessed printed stamps, the final values higher or equal to 10pi... The 2nd is called the "Vienna Issue" , because the stamps were engraved and [typo] printed in that city..(values smaller than 5pi)... I want to highlight that in this blog the stamps sometimes are not displayed in the right  position within the series...this happens because I can only bond images with similar measure , I recommend a cautious approach to the stamps , always seeing what is their 'face' value...
This time , I present some stamps in duplicate, and others that I already have in the collection (presented in a previous post with Turkey stamps...) , both cases , because after analysis I could saw that there are color variations...  
[from left to right [Up/Down]]
1,2) Artillery at Sedd-Ul-Bahr 3,4)Mosque at Ortakeui 5) Map of Gallipoli 6) Seraglio Point 7) Pyramids 8,9) Dolmabahce Palace 10) Map of Gallipoli 11) Lighthouse 12)Martyrs Column 13) Sentry 14,15) Sultan Mohammed V
1916/1918 "Various Designs" (15) [Typo (2pa,5pa,10pa,50pa,2pi,5pi)][Recess (20pa,1pi,3x10pi,25pi,3x50pi)(Engraved and Printed in Vienna)] Sc(420,...,432,434,439)


1939 "Opening of the Ankara-Erzurum Railway" (4) [Typo (Damga Matbaasi)] Sc(829,...,832)

1939 "1st Death Anniv of Kemal Ataturk " (8) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(835,836,838,839)

I hope this post increase Your will to collect Turkish Stamps.. Rich History , Culture and nice stamps are always a call to the collector...Enjoy Turkey!!..


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