Monday, October 5, 2015

Stamps and Scans..

New Entries

In this post I will show some stamps from Hungary and South Africa... Let us start immediately without no more delays..

This is not a particularly rich post in beautiful and 'dazzling' stamps... I will show 3 definitive series, and most of the stamps we will see are [photo] printed, a fact that is determinant in their  final 'unappealing' qualities ... the South African series , in the other side, is very beautiful and with a nice printing , but we also have to know that there is a time gap of 30 years between them...I also have a nice and beautiful Hungarian Sport series to present... any of today's series is complete, but i think I have sufficient stamps from each one of them to proceed with the classification...

Before starting to talk  about this definitive series, I need to remember that all these stamps have the same small size and the differences in some of the pictures are due to the bonding process of the individual stamp images... 
This series , know as "Budapest Buildings" , is divided in 3 sub series, issued respectively in 1951,1952 and 1953.. As I said in the beginning of the post, the series is [Photo] Printed, and this fact brought me some unexpected difficulties.. 2 or 3 weeks ago, I bought a new Scanner and I am still in the process of learning some of the capabilities of the machine.. I already discovered that ]Recess] printed stamps could be scanned in higher resolutions, and the increase in the image quality is sometimes impressive... now I' learning that ]Photo] printed stamps should only be scanned in lower resolutions... so I programmed the Scan with 4 different operations (settings) , according to the stamps I am scanning... if  I am working with [Recess] printed stamps the resolution used is 600ppp (or higher if i am scanning only parts of the stamp..) ; in [Typo] stamps I use 500ppp and in [litho] printed stamps , 400ppp... but in the case of [Photo] printed stamps, the resolution should be 300ppp... I have to apologize because some of the [Photo] stamps I show today were scanned with 400ppp , and the result was not good with some loss of image definition... this first series to be presented, was the last one to be classified , so it was scanned with 300ppp... let us now return to the technical data of the stamps... the series is Watermarked but the wmk is not visible in normal conditions and with no special instruments...the paper is of medium thickness and the Artists involved in the production of the stamp are unknown to has perf 15 in all the 3 sub series...
[1st Group] 1951 "Budapest Buildings" (6) [Photo] Sc(962,...,967)
[2nd Group] 1952 "Budapest Buildings (2nd series)" (8) [Photo] Sc(1004,...,1009)
[3rd Group] 1953 "Budapest Buildings (3rd Series)] (12) [Photo] Sc(1048,1050,1051,1053,1055,1056,1056A,1056B,1056C)


This is a 1955 series about Winter sports and activities...the designs are very beautiful and are part of the work of two Artists : F. Gall and J. Vertell...
1955 "AIR MAIL : Winter sport Activities" (8) [Des (F. Gall)(J. Vertell)][Photo] Sc(C158,...,C162)

some stamps from a very famous Definitive series from 1963/1964... the main purpose is to represent transports and communications..the stamps are divided into two categories where the perforations are different.. the lower f values (here represented) are perf 11 and the higher ft values are 11.5x12 or 12x11.5 ... some of ft values are already in the collection ( in fact , some of the first stamps I have classified are from this series...).... these stamps were scanned with 400ppp , so you can find some problems with the definition, because the stamps are poorly printed... 
1963/1964 "Transports and communications" (22) [Des (S. Legrady)(F. Bokros)][Photo] Sc(1507,...,1514)


This is the 5th Definitive Series from South Africa, issued in 1988... The Art work is from Hein Botha, who has designed many more stamps for South Africa and neighboring Countries...The series is about Succulent Plants and was issued between 1988 and 1993... The stamps have Perf 14x14.5 and are [Litho] printed, but there are also some coil stamps who are [Photo] printed and Perf 14 HOR... I think that to correctly value these stamps, it is better to have a South African Catalog, because there is much more information in these catalogs than in the Sc,Mitchel SG or Yvert World catalogs...
1988/1993 "5th Definitive Series / Succulents" (19) [Des (Hein Botha)][Litho] Sc(735,737,738,739,740,741,742,743,745,746,748,751)

well, next weekend there are more stamps to show.. 


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