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From time to time I need to make a post with US stamps, because I have hundreds of them to classify,from very different time frames...As we all know US stamps are among the most collected stamps in the world, so they are almost all very common (exception made for some of the classics, that are real "pearls"...)...the selection I made today,bring us some series from the beginning of the XX century and a group of commemorative stamps  from the 40's ,50's and 60' end the post  ,I have a group of sheets from the 70's and 80's...there is not much to tell about these stamps, but I will try to say something when I feel the moment is adequate... 

 This first series to be presented is from is about the Jamestown previous posts I have showed other stamps,about Expositions in other parts of the country,trying to promote the Natural beauties or Industrial Capabilities of those regions...
The 1c stamp show us Captain John Smith,the 2c the Founding of Jamestown and the 5c the Native Indian Pocahontas...
1907 "Jamestown Exposition" (3) [Des (G. Rose and Edward M. Hall][Engr ((Marcus. W. Baldwin)][Recess] Sc(328,...,330)

These are stamps from the 1913 'Panamá-Pacific Exposition' series..this exposition celebrates the end of the construction of the Panamá Canal and the Rehabilitation of S. Francisco after the Powerful 1906 Earthquake...represented in the stamps are Vasco Nunez De Balboa, the Panamá Canal , the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Discovery of  S. Francisco Bay...the design of the frames is identical in all the 4 stamps and this is new if we look to the previous series presented  , where each stamp has it's own frame design...originally a yellow 10c stamp was issued but the design was not clearly seen , so a new orange stamp was then issued to replace it ...

1913 "Panamá-Pacific Exposition" (5) [Des (C. Aubrey Huston)][Engr (J. Eissler 1c)(Marcus Baldwin 2c)(L. C. Schofield 5c)(Marcus Baldwin 10c)][Recess] Sc(397,...,400)

These are parcel stamps issued in 1912/1913 .. the complete series is designed by C. Aubrey Houston and engraved by several different engravers....I have many spare stampsbut I decided not to present them .. I could have better centered stamps (aspect with great importance for these stamps...) but I present those who have the design in clear conditions (without larger interference from Postmarks...)... the stamps present wmk but it is of very difficult  'naked eye' visibility...the higher values are still missing....
1912/1913 "Parcel Stamps" (12) [Des (C. Aubrey Houston)][Engr ( J. Eissler 1c,2c,5c, Marcus W. Baldwin 1c,4,, Edward M. Hall 1c, 2c,3c,4c,5c,15c,20c,25c,  E. Myers 4c ,5c,15c,25c,  J. Benzing 3c,4c, 15c,20c,  H. Charlton 3c,4c,20c, 25c  C. Chalmers 5c,10c, L. S. Schofield 15c,][Recess] Sc(Q1,...,Q9)



In this small group of Commemorative stamps,I like to highlight the two 1969 Space stamps...Reaching Moon Landing was a great achievement for Humanity and these stamps became important stamps...of course,they are also very beautiful...!
1) 1948 "100th Anniversary of the American Turner's Society" (1) [Des (A. Meissner)][Engr (A. W. Dintaman)][Recess] Sc(979)
2) 1949 "Bicentenary of Alexandria, Virginia" (1) [Des ()][Engr ()][Recess] Sc(C40)
3) 1949 "First Gubernatorial Election in Puerto Rico" (1) [Des (C. R. Chickering)][Engr (G. A. Gundersen)][Recess] Sc(983)
4) 1952 "Women's Services Commemoration" (1) [Des (W. K. Schrage)][Engr (C. A. Brooks)][Recess] Sc(1013)
5) 1955 "Armed Forces Reserve" (1) [Des (Charles R. Chickering)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess] Sc(1067)
6) 1961 "Kansas Statehood Centenary" (1) [Des (Charles R.Chickering)][Engr (M. D. Fenton)][Recess] Sc(1183)
7) 1969 "Moon Flight of "Apollo8"" (1) [Des (Leonard E. Buckley)][Engr (E. R. Felver)][Recess] Sc(1371)
8) 1969 "Air Mail/First Man on the Moon" (1) [Des (Paul Calle)][Recess/Litho] Sc(C76)
9) 1970 "150th Anniversary of Fort Snelling,Minnesota" (1) [Des (David K. Stone)][Engr (E. P. Archer)][Recess] Sc(1409)

Now I have a small part of a sheet with all the stamps from the 1973 series "Postal Employees"... the stamps are [Photo] Printed and they have a nice design with plenty of color... they have the particularity of being printed in the back, each one of them with a different text...

1973 "Postal Service Employees" (10) [Des (E. Vebell)][Photo] Sc(1489,....,1498)

These are important stamps in the History of the US Postal Service , because they were the first "Mini-Sheets" to be issued in the United states...35 deceased US presidents are represented in the stamps...
1986 " "Ameripex 86" International Stamp Exhibition, Chicago (2nd issue). U.S. Presidents." (36) [Des (Jerry Dadds)][Litho/Recess] Sc(2216a,....,,2219i)

I had more 14 stamps prepared for today's post , but I think this way it is enough..
Hope you like the post as it is...


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