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Japan [7th Post] China [9th Post]

New Entries

Even now,after many years acting like a avid buyer of stamps, I think that some times we get much more than we have payed or more than we were expecting... it is that stamp in excellent condition, that marvelous postmark, a very well centered stamp , a desired stamp we were looking for many time, or even a rarity..(Yes , it is possible,...) 
A month ago I bought a lot of Iranian stamps, very detailed with a special focus at the early days and at the 60's and 70' the last pages of that stock album,there were some Japanese stamps.. at the beginning I didn't pay much attention to them but here I am today showing them ,proud of my stamps... Yes , they are MNH stamps from Japan and I think in this case (and I didn't had realized it..) this detail makes all the difference... Mint stamps from Japan are even more beautiful than the others I'm used to...well , here are some of them from the 70's , a very beautiful group of stamps...

I will start now with something that for sure will be very positive for the thousands of Boat stamp Collectors...Yes, there are many,many stamps dedicated to this thematic,but these are not very easy to get... I personally,never had seen them in my life.. (I wish to say that I'm not a thematic collector.. it is necessary to understand that one of these collectors directs all his/her efforts to know and find these stamps... it is very different..! ).. 

Well, I'm showing them individually for better appreciation... As you can see this is a Engraved series.. the stamps were designed and engraved by a group of very skilled is not the first time I talk about the beautiful engravings and printings of Japanese stamps, for National issues or just working for foreign countries (like those beautiful stamps of Philippines..) .. it is without doubts a very good group of stamps...they were issued in 1975/1976, with the curiosity of being 6 series of two stamps each...I have here just stamps from 1976 (3rd, 4th,5th and 6th series..).. another curiosity ,just for the thematic collectors,again, is that these 6 series followed another 5 series of two stamps each (from 1974/1975) , this time dedicated to trains... I don't have those , but I just want here to help Your search giving You a time and a space to look out...these are all prime quality stamps..!
1976 "Japanese Ships (3rd Series)" (2) [Des (R. Murayama)(Y.Sunagawa)][Engr (T. Kesano)(S. Nakada)][Recess] Sc(1223,1224)
1976 "Japanese Ships (4th Series)" (2) [Des (Y.Sagawa)(G. Yamataka)][Engr (S. Okamura)(K. Oshikiri)][Recess] Sc(1225,1226)
1976 "Japanese Ships (5th Series)" (2) [Des (G. Yamataka)(G. Yamataka)][Engr (K. Oshikiri)(S.Okamura)][Recess] Sc(1227,1228)
1976 "Japanese Ships (6th Series)" (2) [Des (K. Hishinuma)(S. Watanabe)][Engr (S.Nakada)(S.Yajima)][Recess] Sc(1229,1230)

Now ,some beautiful individual series of Nature stamps...

each one of these stamps is considered to be ,,for catalog purposes, a series...and We are talking of Nature Conservation series I to XX,starting in 1974 and ending in 1978...beautiful stamps,,! watch specially the bird stamp...what a level of detail ! it has some particularities that makes the engraving identical to that beautiful elephant series from Laos ,work of Jean Pheulpin..very detailed, very soft, very beautiful engraving..!!

1976 "Nature Conservation (8th Series)" (1) [Des ((Y.Higashitsunoi)][Recess] Sc(1202)
1976 "Nature Conservation (9th Series)" (1) [Des ((H. Otsuka)][Recess][Photo] Sc(1203)
1976 "Nature conservation (10th Series)" (1) [Des (W. Emori)][Recess][Photo] Sc(1261)
1976 "Nature Conservation (11th Series)" (1) [Des (H. Otsuka)][Recess][Photo] Sc(1262)
1976 "Nature Conservation (12th Series)" (1) [Des ((T. Yamanouchi)][Recess][Photo] Sc(1263)

This is a strange two stamp series... the first stamp, is a pretty normal Japanese stamp , showing us a Sacred Temple somewhere in Japan... it is a [Photo] stamp , another fact that increases it's normality... at the right , we have the 2nd stamp, a fantastic stamp of the Deva King located in the Todai Temple... the engraving work is Great and the final result is exceptional...Great Stamp!!!
1976 "National Treasures (1st Series)" (2) [Des (S, Watanabe)][Photo 50y][Recess 100y] Sc(1272,1273)

And now just to end this post, a brief look to other MNH stamps I like to enter now in the collection...I already have some of them but as used stamps... now I'm adding them in MNH form...they are very Famous stamps from CHINA.....

These are stamps from the Famous series "Martyrs of the Revolution"... the Original series was issued between 1932 and 1934, with the portraits of important participants in the Chinese Revolution..a simple look to the values and colors and to a Chinese catalog, could tell us that many of these stamps shown are not from the original series..., in fact, none of them is..! if they are not from the first and original issue of this series , there must be at least another issue... Yes, there were two more issues of 19 stamps each in 1940/1941 with  more values and colors, with and without the presence of Wmk... I must say that the original 1932 series is Unwmk. If we have doubts about a stamp,if it belongs to the 1932 or 1940 issues, we must first take not that : 

There is a secret mark that identifies the correct issue date of the stamp...let us look to the first letter of the label immediately below the portrait, and those stamps who presents a letter like a) are from 1940/1941 and those of type b) are from the original 1932 Issue (all of the stamps I present here today are type B stamps,so I had to take a small scan from an old SG catalog....
After make this distinction and if the stamp is a type B, we must now find or not the Wmk, to complete the classification.. now a brief look to the perforations [there could be some differences (12, 12.5 or 13)] and we are done with it..! if the stamp is a type A, than it is unwmk and perforation 14...
I have many more stamps from this period to present , but I think it is better to stop here and now with this small post, richly stuffed with beautiful stamps...

Ok..Next time Iran and Turkey stamps...


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Luxembourg stamps [3rd Post] Monaco stamps [4th Post]

New Entries

Luxembourg stamps from the beginning of the XX century are among those we do not want to fail on our collection...the beauty and all the glamour from the 1920's are indeed known marks of these stamps , with the presence of 3 Grand Duke's and Duchesses' is the time of the large definitive portrait series,but there is also space for some beautiful engraved pictorial series by Henry Cheffer,one the Greatest engravers from France...we will start in 1921 with two small pictorial series..

this time there is no optical illusion..! the first (left) stamp is a little smaller than the other two..the series represent motifs from Luxembourg Region [Vianden Castle, factory at Esch and the Bridge over Alzette]...The design is from Cheffer , but I don't have a confirmation of his work in the engraving, but I think it is also part of his large Artistic gift to our hobby...later in this post I will present again the 1Fr and 2 Fr stamps, but as part of a New colors series issued in 1924/1926...
1921 "Various Designs" (3) [Design (Henry Cheffer)][Recess] Sc(126,128,130)


Now we have a War Fund series, where the focus is really on Cheffer's work.. the design is very detailed and the engraving is of high quality, giving to the stamp a high degree of beauty is in the end a very appealing series to the collector...these stamps appear again ,with a new surcharge ,later in time...
1921 "War Fund" (3) [Design (Henry Cheffer)][Engr (Henry Cheffer)][Recess] Sc(B1,...,B3)

 Now in 1923 I have a repetition here in the blog , but now in a MNH is the famous Ecthernach stamp, that was presented in one of the first posts of this Blog.. the design and engraving are spectacular , but now are from two Austrian Artists , whose work was very wide spread in these years.. I'm talking about Rudolf Junk and Ferdinand Schirnbock...
The other stamp at right was used in the War fund series above , but the use of black color gives it a little extra ',.....!'
1923 "Ecthernach" (1) [Des (Rudolf Junk)][Engr (Ferdinand Schirnbock)][Recess] Sc(153)
1923 "View from Luxembourg" (1) [Des/Engr (Henry Cheffer)][Recess] Sc(152)

These are the designs from 1921 that were used now in 1924 in this New Color series , together with stamps from 1906 (Coats of arms) and other from 1921 with a portrait of Grand Duchess Charlotte... 

1924/1926 "New colors Series" (9) [Recess] Sc(127,129)

This right profile portrait of Grand Duchess Charlotte was the base for her 2nd definitive series,issued from 1926 to 1935...The first one , showing the Duchess in a front portrait ,was designed and engraved by our Henry Cheffer, but this 2nd series was work of is a very nice stamp , very well accomplished..high level of detail,good engraving, etc..The series is not completed, with 10 values still missing ; some of them are values already presented but with other colors...
1926/1935 "Grand Duchess Charlotte" (27) [Recess (ABNC)] Sc(159,160,162,164,163,165,169,170,171,172,175,174,176,177,178,182,185)

Now I have 3 small Charity series representing Young Members of the Royal Family...this first series show us the portrait of Prince Jean, the eldest son of Duchess Charlotte.. this is a child Welfare series, with the particularity of not presenting the tax fact , any of these 3 series present it...the [Photo] printing is also something we have to consider here, because of the usual [Recess] printings..
1926 "Child Welfare Fund" (5) [Photo] Sc(B15,...,B19)

Now it is the time for Princess Elizabeth portrait appear on the Central vignette..the frame motifs and ornaments are very beautiful and despite the [photo] printing , these are also well accomplished stamps...
I have now to talk about the 'orange yellow' background cardboard that appeared in this last two images...the images had complete series of 5 stamps, and the usual small card it is not sufficiently long to contain them all.. so now and in future posts , when I need to present small complete series I will use this new card as background for the stamps...
1927 "Child Welfare Fund" (5) [Photo] Sc(B25,...,B29)

In general, these are identical to the other previous charity stamps, with some minor changes in the frames...I am of course,very glad to have these series in my collection , but if you ask me if I like them , I probably say no... perhaps a designed portrait would help to change my opinion, or engraved frames, keeping the photographic vignettes...well,that's what we have..let us keep it.!
1928 "Child welfare Fund" (5) [Photo] Sc(B30,...,B34)

And Now , " The Great Popular Edition of the Wonderful Voyages to the Known and Unknown Worlds of Jules Verne"

As you already know , just by viewing the pictures, these are stamps based in the life and work of the Great French Science Fiction & Adventure Writer Jules Verne...there is one stamp for each one of these 11 famous literary works of the Author...of course, the Monaco Post Office Department choose this group of adventures but there are many more and almost all could be presented here and be again immortalized in these beautiful stamps...10 of the 11 stamps are for common postage service, and the last and highest value (200Fr) is a Air Mail stamp..
 I was talking for some time of acquiring this series and a few days ago I stumble in a 1887 2nd edition of the Book "The 1860 Eclipse" ,where I found that beautiful Introduction phrase that I used before showing the stamps... well, I bought the book and an hour later I was buying this series ...

To turn all this joyful picture into a even better one , the presence of some French engravers turn out to be the 'cherry at the top of the cake'.!..we have Gandon, Cheffer, Dufresne,Mazelin,Serres, Busiere,Cotett,Piel, Miermont  and Andre Fréres...The stamp Designer is a very important Monaco Artist called Bernard Minne,with most of his work in the Poster business...well , it is a beautiful series and one of the best ways I can think of ending this post...
1955 "50th Death Anniversary of Jules Verne" (11) [Des (Bernard Minne)][Engr (Henry Cheffer 25F)(Pierre Gandon 2F,8F)(Charles Mazelin 15F)(Robert Cotett 10F)(Andre Fréres 200F)(Raoul Serres 5F)(Jules Piel 3F)(Charles-Paul Dufresne 1F)(Louis Busiere 30F)(Jean Miermont 6F)][Recess] Sc(300,...,349,C45)