Thursday, August 10, 2017

Brazil Stamps [5th Post]

New Entries

Today's post will be focused in Brazil stamps,, lots of them..!.. I will show them chronologically as usual, and a great part are new entries for series with other stamps I have showed before or I had already in the collection... so ,the post it will be confusing , for a new viewer,but with many beautiful stamps...

To start,I have the highest value of a series from 1894... it is a very famous series,with 6 different designs,representing the "Sugar Loaf" Mountain , the Head of Liberty and Mercury... this is , as I said,the highest value and I cannot restrain myself from saying that this is an ugly stamp!! I don't understand why such a long neck?? it is surprisingly long,isn't it?? (my ignorance ,perhaps!!??) ..
Catalogs talk about a Purple & Gray stamp but I think that the black exists also in the stamp,so we must be dealing with a tri-colored stamp (when we are talking about colors ,our opinions are all valid views of the same reality... even the catalogs don't talk about the same colors!!!..[ purple & grey or lilac grey & black ])..
The stamps of this series could present different perforations and papers , and we are talking about several redrawn series ,some of them with several types for each design (for the head of liberty, for example..)...So ,it is a series that we must approach with caution and if we want to have it well classified ,if it is important to us , then we should have here a difficult series to complete with many stamps to buy,most of them apparently identical...
1894 "Sugar Loaf Mountain, Liberty and Mercury" (11) [Litho] Sc(124)

[Left]  Beautiful stamp showing a Portuguese Navigator, D.Carlos I (the Portuguese King in those days..) , the Liberty wearing the Brazilian flag and President Afonso Penna of Brazil... at the distance , numerous ships navigating the waters of one of the many Brazilian Ports... for a thematic collector , this is one of those stamps with many points of interest ...Both these two stamps I'm showing now are engraved and printed by ABNC and designed by Henrique Bernardelli ,active in the Design of Brazilian stamps from 1906 to 1909...
1908 "Centenary of the Opening of Brazilian Ports to Foreign Commerce" (1) [Des (Henrique Bernardelli)][Recess (ABNC,New York)] Sc(190)
[Right] Here we have the Emblems of Peace, Industry and Commerce together in just one stamp ,commemorating the Rio de Janeiro 1908 National Exhibition... it is again a very nice single colored stamp... very beautiful..
1908 "Rio de Janeiro National Exhibition" (1) [Des (Henrique Bernardelli)][Recess (ABNC,NY)] Sc(191)

[Left] a very "Art Nouveau" influenced design showing us the Allegoric figure of Justice...
1927 "Centenary of the Law courses" (2) [Des(P. Moraes)][Typo] Sc(288)
[Right] The focus of this stamp is the introduction of the Coffee in Brazil,that turn out to be one of the main Cultural, Industrial and Commercial activities of the fact Brazilian coffee is known through out the world as one of the Best...
1928 "Bicentenary of the Introduction of the Coffee plant in Brazil" (1) [Des (L. Campos)][Typo] Sc(292)

[Left] for me ,this is one of the stamps that is in that group reserved only to the best designed ...we have to remember that this is a single color stamp,and if we see it carefully we will find that it is almost like a simple drawing in a piece of paper,drawn fluently and without many worries about the perfection of lines or with the final is like a work of the moment.. very beautiful indeed...! 
the Angel  wings were already an indicative ,but if we look at the top corners of the stamp we find references to Bartolomeu de Gusmão and Santos Dummont,both pioneers of aviation ,so this would always be for sure an Air Stamp (catalogs were not needed..)[just joking..!]
1934 "AIR MAIL" (1) [Des (L. Campos)][Engr (Mario D'Oglio)][Recess] Sc(386)
[Right] another drawing that could be done at a coffee Table ,while drinking  some beers with friends (.!!) is very,,very simple and the result in this case was ,in my opinion,not the best...there is too much imperfection and lack of detail.. it was not the best effort..
1937 "Tercentenary of the foundation of Cametá" (2) [Recess] Sc(420)

Were we talking of lack of detail and Imperfection ??? 
1937 "Tourism Propaganda" (4) [Recess (Waterlow and Sons, London)], Sc(446,447)

 [Left][Right] these two stamps are both commemorating the New York World Fair , but one is from the first series issued in 1939 and the other from the 2nd series,issued in 1940.. The NY World Fair had in fact taken place in 1939 so these were actual stamps, commemorating something very actual... in the 400r orange stamp we have a beautiful design of Washington ,and it has a very familiar look, because it was done by ABNC,NY itself...some vignettes of US stamps couldn't be much better..!! in the red 5000r we've got a right profile of Brazilian President is also a [Recess] printed stamp and the engraving seems very nice to me..
1939 "NY World Fair (1st Series)" (4) [Recess (ABNC,NY)] Sc(480)
1940 "NY World Fair (end Series)" (3) [Des (L. Campos)][Recess] Sc(497)

[Left] We have here a series commemorating a cattle Fair ... there are some points to be taken with attention when dealing with this series... the perforation and the wmk... I could not resolve the wmk problem,because it is of difficult visualization " at naked eye" ,but I can tell You that the wmk have the words "BRASIL CORREIO" surrounded with stars.. the problem is that in same cases the letters have 7mm high and other 5mm high... the difference is this,and if You can see clearly the Wmk,perhaps You can identify it properly....I could not do this , again!!! 
these are 2 stamps designed by a man that deserved much more than it had... it is for now a dead man or a very old man, it has designed hundreds of stamps for Brasil and there is even a single biographical data of him or a photo or something in the Net.. there are many  other cases like him in the world of Stamp designing [ he almost for sure worked for the Casa da Moeda in Brazil..] his name is/was Bernardino da Silva Lanceta... 
1942 "2nd Agricultural and Cattle Show,Uberaba" (2) [Des (Bernardino Lanceta)][Engr (W.B. de Freitas)][Recess] Sc(535,536)
[Right] Unfortunately, I have now one more PDSMID ("Please don't show me in detail") stamp to show... it is one of those stamps that look OK in a first view but we should not look it in detail !! Ahhh!! the faces, always ,the faces..!! they look very bad ! we rapidly  regret our impulsive decision of click in the image... the first opinion we have of the stamp was far much better than the last one we have after see it more closely...!
The stamp itself present us Bartolomeu de Gusmão showing to some people his new Flying Machine...
1944 "AIR MAIL / Week of the Wing" (1) [Recess] Sc(C60)

The Victory series of 1945 in each one of the many Allied countries in the World was in some cases very beautiful..I could remember here some examples , but we have here and now a group of 5 beautiful Brazilian stamps and so we must talk a little about it... the violet 20c stamp talks about something related with the feeling we get when thinking about somebody we use to know but that unfortunately died, is a feeling , we Portuguese and Brazilians, call SAUDADE (the word is also used in some more different occasions...) in this case 'Saudade' from those who died in WWII... the 2nd stamp is about the Glory of the Winner, the 3rd represents the Victory announced by Angels playing trumpets while the Flags of the United alliance tops many of the symbols of the human Achievement... the 4th stamp present us the Rainbow announcing again times of Peace and Prosperity and the 5th and last stamp is focused on cooperation and in some kind of AIR Line (I don't really understand it)...never mind!!
1945 "Victory of Allied Nations in WWII" (5) [DEs (L.Campos 20c)(M.F. Pinheiro 40c,5$)(J.R. de Souza 1$,2$)][Engr (W.B. de Freitas 20c)(F. Ferruzi 40c)(Mario D'Oglio 1$,5$)(J.R. de Souza 2$)][Recess] Sc(628,...,632) 

 [Left] We find again Bernardino Lanceta with another beautiful and Famous series ,showing us the breathtaking view of Rio de Janeiro in a series commemorating one more Congress of the Rotary International...
1948 "AIR MAIL / 39th Congress of Rotary,Rio de Janeiro" (2) [Des (Bernardino Lanceta)][Engr (R.da Fonseca)][Recess] Sc(C66,C67)
[Right] beautiful,simple but very beautiful..! a great example of the Excellency of some Brazilian stamps.!.. 
1948 "AIR MAIL / Centenary of the National School of Music" (1) [Des (A. Fagundes)][Recess] Sc(C70)

 now,  for a change ,here are two [Litho] printings.. very nice stamps ..nothing to say about designs,engravings or printings except the annoying fact of don't know who were the people involved in the process..! it is a shame that the work of so many good people was deliberately forgotten ,hidden somewhere inside a Gigantic Machine that only print, print, and print...! well ,this is what we have and we must live with it....
[Left] 1952 "500th Anniversary of Queen Isabella of Spain" (1) [Litho] Sc(717)
[Right] 1952 "Stamp Day / 2nd São Paulo Philatelic Exhibition" (1) [Litho] Sc(727)

I have many more Brazilian stamps to show,but I have to stop here because this is already a long post with many conversation between me , me and perhaps some of you...this time I really talked a lot..! Sorry!!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Romania Stamps [8th Post]

New Entries

In the end of my last post,I talked about Meddle East stamps to be part of this new post,, but with time I changed my mind... Initially I was thinking in Saudi Arabia stamps but some last minute doubts about  the presence or not of a wmk, led me to start with the classification of some more stamps from Romania ..I have a lot of Romanian stamps to choose from , so I had to focus in a well defined period of time... I then decided to show some series from 1940/ is a period where King Michael I had started his 2nd reign (??!!..) that lasted for a short period of 7 years (1940/1947)  and revealed itself as a group of difficult days for Romania... 

Well,to be more precise I will start with a new arrival from the 1906 Jubilee Exhibition Series... it is a beautiful series with design and illustrations by C. Stengel... the stamps are [Typo] printed but I don't know who made the engraving work... it is a piece of information I do not have...I've got already the 40b and 50b stamps in the collection but they were never shown in the blog...

The first stamp I have to show ,from the 1940/43 period , is a commemorative of the foundation of the Iron Guard in 1927 by Corneliu Codreanu , represented in the vignette...
I could not find the other 3 stamps in my catalogs (perhaps I missed them, I don't know...[we should also notice that the label 'Romania Post' is not present in these 3 stamps...] ) but the subject is the same , with the logo of the movement and it's leader again well represented... 
1940 "13th Anniv of the Founding of the Iron Guard" (1) [Photo] Sc(B145)

The next series I have to show, commemorates the Annexation of  Transdniestria  .. after reading the wikipedia article about this region,You will see that claims and disputes over this land are very old, with the interest of several different Regional players...
The stamps issued in this period were all [Photo] printed,and to make things worst,, the printing was not one of the best...after knowing this small detail we can understand the reason why we don't know the name of the Artist that designed the fact the name is printed at the bottom left of the stamps but the low quality of the printing don't allow us to understand it...even in the next large series , the same phenomenon happens...

1941 "Annexation of Transdniestria" (3) [Photo] Sc(517,...,519)

I am showing all these 25 stamps as part of the same series but the catalogs talk about two different fact, both of them commemorate the restoration of Territories once part of Romania...These territories or provinces are Bessarabia and Bukovina.. these names are presented at the bottom center of each stamp... So, we have stamps with the label Basarabia and others with the label Bucovina... another interesting fact is that there are no repeated values, so we can merge the two series ,classifying the stamps by their increasing ' face value' ...
At the top center of each stamp,there is a a label with the name of the fortress or castle displayed in the vignette itself... these territories were retaken by Romania, during WWII 'Operation Barbarossa', where the country acted as a German Ally... 
I should say that I like much more the Bucovina stamps surely due to the Architectural style of the fortresses, because the Artist is the same (again unknown ,but present in the bottom left of the stamps.. I could not discover his or her name/[Ioan Baltag (???)])
1941 "Restoration of Bessarabia and Bukovina to Romanian control" (25) [Photo] Sc(520,...,535)(B179,...,B187)

Here we have two overprinted series of the original 1941 issue commemorating the 50th Anniv of the Carol I Foundation for Science and Art Development...these overprints are somehow related with the 25 stamps presented above... they remind us the occupation of Cernauti (Bukovina) and Chisinau (Bessarabia)  in 5 of July 1941 and 16 July 1941 respectively...
1941 "Occupation of Cernauti" (5) [Photo] Sc(B154,...,B158)
1941 "Occupation of Chisinau" (5) [Photo] Sc(B159,...,B163)

These are 3 stamps from a larger series of 8 values commemorating the Centenary of the National Artillery...we have again very poorly printed stamps, with many of the design details lost....the vignettes show us War scenes from Famous Battles of Romanian Artillery and they are identified each one by a label at the top left .
1943 "National Artillery Centenary" (8) [Photo] Sc(B224,...,B231)

I think we've reached the end of this post,but a new one will appear soon...