Thursday, March 20, 2014

2 Series from Russia

I will start my first post with the last series I have completed last night...
when I say completed, I wish to say correctly classified ( Catalog number, Name of the series, date of emission of each stamp of the series, various topics that match the stamp designs, Alternative catalog and number, date of purchase, value of the purchase[ plus transports, divided by the number of stamps], catalog value, technical data of the stamp, image , etc..)

It is a series of 4 from Russia 1963 , named "Decorative Arts" [Wish I had more data about Russian stamps, but I am now in the process of acquiring a Russian catalog...] SG(2810,..,2813)

Another series of 1 from Russia  1981 finished last night; I am talking about "60th Anniv of Adzharskian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic" SG(5119)


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