Sunday, April 6, 2014

In the Land of Confucius

New Entries

from a set 3 1963 "Giant Panda" ...
Perf: 11 x 11.5
SG(2118)  Sc(710)

stamp from a set 6 1990 " 11th Asian Games, Peking (3rd issue)" ;
Perf: 11 x 11.5
SG(3699)  Sc(2299)

from the set 21 "Traditional Houses (1986/1991)" ; the stamp is from the 1st issue of 14 in 1986.
Perf: 13.5 x 13
SG(3441)  Sc(2055)

7 stamps from the set 24 "The Great Wall of China (1995/1999)" 
1) 01/09/1997 SG(4025) Sc(2792)
2) 01/04/1997 SG(4026) Sc(2755)
3) 05/10/1995 SG(4027a) Sc(2611)
4) 01/03/1999 SG(4027b) Sc(2937)
5) 01/09/1997 SG(4028)  Sc(2793)
6) 01/09/1997 SG(4031) Sc(2795)
7) 01/11/1998 SG(4038) Sc(2910)
The Perforation is the same for all stamps of the set.. (12 x 13)

set 8 "Birds (2002/2005)" ; these stamps are from 2002
Perf: 13
SG(4677,4683)  Sc(3177,3179)

Let us start this Taiwan section with two stamps from 1957 and from a set with 6 stamps.. these are Unwatermarked stamps, but the last 2 of the set are not... the chinese inscription in the meddle of the map means "Recovery of the Mainland"..
Perf: 12 x 12.5
SG(251)  Sc(1159)

the stamp represents General Chang Tzu Chung , one of the most important military leaders of the war against Japan..from the set 6 1975 "Famous Chinese. Martyrs of War against Japan"
Perf: 12
SG(1072) Sc(1954)

Complete set from 1992 "400th Birth Anniv of Johann Adam Schall von Bell (missionary astronomer)"
Perf: 11
SG(2100)  Sc(2872)

Complete set 1984 "Pine, Bamboo and Plum (1st series)" 
Perf: 13.5
SG( 1572,1573,1574)  Sc(2439,2440,2441)

from the set 20 1997 "Birds (1st series). Illustrations from the Ching dynasty Bird Manual."
I will not present catalog codes , because I am not shure which stamp is from which code..(!).
The Perforation is 11.2
Beautiful stamps..

Confucius is a figure of incontestable importance on  both China and Taiwan history...
from a set 8 1972 "China Ancient Leaders" ; this particular stamp is a little difficult to classify , depending on the color we say Confucius robes are ..if we say they are blue, it is a stamp from 1972.. if we say they are gray, then the stamp is from 1976..
In 1974 there was a reprint of this set.
Perf: 12
SG(900) Sc(1798)

from a set 8 1971 "Famous Buildings"
Perf: 12.5 x 13.5 
SG( 793) Sc(1704)

2 stamps from the set 5 1992 "Forest Resources. Conifers"
Perf: 13.5

two stamps from 2 differents issues of the same set..
1) set 9 1974 "Major Construction Projects (1st series)" ; issued in a paper of less quality than the other stamp presented.. it represents the implementation of some kind of Industry..
Perf: 12.5 x 13 SG(1020) Sc(1907)
2) set 9 1976 "Major Construction Projects (2nd Series)"
Perf: 12.5 x 13 SG(1022e) Sc(2013)



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