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The Parasite

New Entries

This is a homage to Picasso made by the Polish Postal Service.It is a stamp that reminds me of a host and it's parasite.. the " parasite"  stamp can not live without the main stamp ( the "Host" ), because it has no currency , country label and in the end no value... in this case we are in presence of a very nasty "parasite" (I should say that among many things that I am , a Picasso Fan is not one of them...).(!!)..
These stamps are from a set of (1+1)+MS from 1981 "Birth Centenary of Pablo Picasso"
Perf: 11 x 11.5
SG(2719) Sc(2432)

Complete set from 1987 "90th Birth Anniv of General Karol Swierczewski"
Perf: 11.5 x 12
SG(3102) Sc(2795)

from a set 8 1957 "Polish Doctors"
Perf: 11.5
SG(1009,1015) Sc(769.775)

Now , we are in presence of stamps from one of the famous series from Brazil..First I want to apologize for the condition of some of my Brazilian stamps.. They were bought , immediately after I have taken control of the collection..It was a 400 stamps lot and it had everything from the early days of Republic, many definitive stamps, some from the Monarchy  and many commemorative from the 30's to 60's... it was a very complete lot because it gave a general view of the Brazilian Philately.. However , the stamps were in general bad condition... In these Blog I committed myself to present only the stamps that are entering in the collection ( stamps that are in the classification period..), so I have to present them , and someday in the future , who knows, replace them for better condition stamps.
I want to emphases once again that the ideal situation is to have a world Catalog and a National catalog... In the case of Brazil stamps , a National catalog is a real necessity , because when We think We have finished a series ( according to world catalogs..), we haven't reached yet to the middle of it , according to the National catalog...
in the world Catalog this set has 16 stamps , but in the National we have to count 44 (different each one , a different catalog value.)
The original series goes only until the 5.00cr stamp.. I present here stamps until the 20.00cr this original set from 1954/1960 , the figures are presented against a clear and plain background.; in the following issue from 1959/1964 the background presents some small or large squares...(here We have the 3 varieties present in this series)[plain , small squares, large squares background]..
The stamps that I present here , are , I think, all of the original set except the 20cr.. this last stamp is in very bad condition not only because of the perforation but also because of the horrible printing..
All of these stamps have 11.5 x 11 perforation.. I will not present in this case catalog numbers , because of the reasons explained above..(I'm following the National Catalog...] 

A trio that appeared, belonging to the same series above..

Complete set 1957 "National  Steel Company's Expansion Campaign"
Perf: 11.5
SG(955) Sc(8449

Complete set 1957 "300th Anniv of Emancipation of Santo Antonio Province."
Perf: 11.5
SG(962) Sc(851)

Complete set 1957 "Centenary of City of San Carlos."
Perf: 11.5
SG(966) Sc(853)

Complete set 1957 "Death Centenary of Comte" 
Perf: 11.5
SG(967) Sc(854)

Complete set 1957 "Inauguration of Sarapui Radio Station"
Perf: 11.5
SG(968) Sc(855)

Complete set 1955 "Honouring M. Lobato (author)."
Perf: 11.5
SG(933) Sc(829)

Complete set 1955 "7th Spring Games, Rio de Janeiro"
Perf: 11.5
SG(932) Sc(828)

Two stamps from Latvia ; from the set 7 1938 "20th Anniversary of the Independence"
Perf: 10 x 10.5
SG(280,281) Sc(202,203)

from the set 6 1968 "Olympic Games, Mexico"
Perf: 10.5
SG(1803) Sc(1674)

from the set 4 1970 "World Volleyball Championships."
Perf: 12.5
SG(2033) Sc(1890)


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