Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Parliament, The Grand Master and the Mystery Freeze

New Entries

Here are 6 stamps of the set 14 1920 "Parliament Building,Budapest (1920/1924)" ; there are several issues of similar stamps since 1916 , differing by the top label, the perforation and the Wmk. In this case we have this Wmk representing a double Cross and the top Label is "Magyar Kir Posta"..The 100k value presents a "punched" mark with the shape of a triangle in the center of the stamp; this mark only was seen during the period 1921/1924...
Perf: 14
SG(404,409,411,413,416,417)  Sc(364,369,371,373,376,377)

Complete set 1983 "50th Death Anniv of Monsignor Giuseppe de Piro"
Perf: 14

stamp from the set 4 1997 "Pioneers of Education" representing Dr. albert Laferla
Perf: 14

stamp from the set 4 1998 "Bicentenary of Napoleon's Capture of Malta" ; represents the Grand Master Ferdinand Von Hompesch
Perf: 14

from the 3 set 2001 "Visit of Pope John Paul II" and represents 3 Religious Personalities who were candidates to Beatification ..

.2 stamps from the set 4 1955 "Fish Freezing Plant 1955/1956"
beautiful stamps..
Perf: 13
SG(399,401) Sc(346,348)

2 AIR MAIL stamps from France representing two different models of the plane Mystere [Mystere 4 and Mystere 20]..
The 1st is from a set 4 stamps 1954 and the second is a Complete set from 1965.
Perf: 13
Sc( C29,C41)


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