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There are Countries difficult to collect... Hungary is not one of them !!.. The abundance of resources of all the ages of Hungarian Philately, is notorious.. When I first began to be an active collector (that is to say, a buyer..!!), great and cheap lots were my main goal... In the group of those that were always available , Hungarian stamps were on the "lead".. Personally , the target I choose after 2 or 3 years were the 30's, 40's and 50's.. not only with Hungarian stamps, but with all countries.. perhaps this decision was influenced by my idea that those were interesting days to live...
So I can say that if there is anything never lacking at my home , Hungarian stamps to classify are for certain one of them..; this abundance , however don't reflect the quality and the variety of these stamps.. not always the most common is the worst...! It is indeed a great Philately and offers to the collector every kind of challenges and opportunities... issues with different kinds of paper and watermarks, great variety of overprints, surcharges, etc,  topics of all kinds , beautiful designs , etc...

stamps from a set 6 1938 "400th Anniv of Debrecen College" 
Perf: 12 x 12.5
SG(624,626,627) Sc(531,533,534) wmk

 These two stamps are from the same series, different issues, one original, the other Surcharged.

[Left stamp] from the set 4 1944 "50th Death Anniv of Kossuth (statesman)"
Perf: 12 x 12.5
SG(776) Sc(621) wmk
[Right stamp] from the set 4 1945 "Surcharge on '50th Death Anniv of Kossuth (statesman)'" ; this stamp has a surcharge of (24p+8p); there is a particularity in this set.. the paper is Yellow or Blue
Perf: 12
Sc(B177) wmk

The U.P.U or Universal Postal Union is theme for numerous series of all countries...It had great importance in the implementation and constant actualization of rules that make postal circulation possible..
from a set 3 1949 "75th Anniversary of U.P.U."
Perf: 12 x 12.5
SG(1071) Sc(C63) AIR wmk

Costumes are a theme for at least one series for each country... European countries have done so , over the 40's , 50's and 60's and Hungary was not an exception. 
These series became marks in each country Philately.. 
These are stamps from the set 8 1953 "Provincial Costumes" , beautifully engraved and watermarked..( I must say that for me the back of these stamps is almost as beautiful as the front..(!!))
Perf: 12
SG(1323,1324,1325,1326,1327) Sc(1062,1063,1064,1065,1066) wmk

 from the set 2 1951 "Hungarian-Soviet Amity"
Perf: 12.5 x 12
SG(1161) Sc(933) wmk

Set 5 1950 "1st Congress of Young Workers, Budapest."
Perf: 12.5 x 12
SG(1122) Sc(904) Wmk

Complete set 1968 " Kando Commemoration"..
It celebrates the life of Kalman Kando (Engineer) and his contribution to the development of the Kando Locomotive.
Perf: 11.5 x 12
SG(2335) Sc(1879)

these stamps don't appear but they are AIR MAIL stamps from the set 10 1954 "Air. Insects"
Perf: 12 x 12.5
SG(1345,1346,1347) Sc(C137,C138,C139) wmk

from the set 10 1936 "AIR" 
Perf: 12 x 12.5
SG(582) Sc(C37) wmk


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