Saturday, May 24, 2014

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Today , I'll present some stamps from Yugoslavia and Colombia..

The group of stamps presented above is a mix of two series... Two incomplete series , one (8) [the 2p stamp is missing] representing King Alexander of Yugoslavia and the other (5) [the 10d stamp is missing] King Peter I of Yugoslavia...they are grouped in just one series in the Scott Catalog because they all present the label  "Kraljevstvo", below the King's picture... As you can see in the stamp at the right , the label is "Kraljevina" , and it belongs to another posterior series equal in all other labels and pictures..
A) Incomplete series "King Alexander (1921)" SG(165,..,172) Sc(2,..,9)
B) Incomplete series "King Peter I (1921)" SG(173,...,176) Sc(10,...,13)
Perf: 12
[ Printed and Engraved by 'American Bank Note Co.' ]

stamp from the series (5) "King Alexander (1923)"
Perf: 12
SG(189) Sc(22)
[ Printed and Engraved by 'American Bank Note Co.' ]

In one of the first posts of this Blog, I have presented 4 of the 14 stamps of this series.. however I need to say that there are two similar series (similar design but this one has an extra label in the inferior frame)
Series (14) "King Alexander (1931/1934)"
Perf: 12.5
SG(255) Sc(73)

five stamps from the "King Alexander Memorial Series" (14) from 1934..
Perf: 12.5
SG(305,...,309) Sc(102,...,106)

Complete series from 1899 "General José Maria Córdoba" ; it is a series from Colombia , but also from the Antioquia Province..
when I saw these stamps, I immediately went to the NET to see other images of the stamps, because they seem to me with a very bad printing... they all look the same , so I concluded that they were "genuine"... the curious thing is that the printing from the frames is good but the central design and printing of the General is very bad , and the design it self is not very perfect....I also think that there was no reason to make a falsification , because of the very small catalog value of these stamps... 
Perf: 11.5 [other perforations and even imperforated stamps exists...]
SG(118,...,128) Sc(117,...,127)


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