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I am trying to impose a new rhythm , more paused and leisurely , to the blog with the intent of dispel the idea of the blog as a work... work is something that we must do .. it means stress, and for me stress is not a pleasure .. I am trying to do something , that in it's essence is a pleasure (stamp collecting..) but with a rhythm that brings me also displeasure..
After thinking a while about this , I have concluded that the solution is decrease the rhythm , to achieve only pleasure when I'm making a new post...
Two weeks ago , I start working with stamps on paper ... some of them , from letters I received and others from a lot I have bought 5 or 6 months ago...
Here are some stamps from that lot... USA, India and Taiwan.

Here we have a complete series of 1939 "150th Anniv of Election of Washington as First President." ; at the [right] we have the same stamp but imperforated in the top, bottom and right side's.. I only present this stamps , because they appeared , with some paper attached.. and I though it was funny showing them.. I think the colors remain very good, after all the process... 
Perf: 11
SG(851) Sc(854)

Complete series 1939 "Golden Gate Int Exn, San Francisco"
I have noticed that in the USA stamps it is very frequent this "wavy" post Mark that it is a true "Godzila" of the Post Marks.. Born to destroy..!!! very beautiful stamp..
Perf: 10.5 x 11
SG(849) Sc(852)

Fortunately I already have the other stamp of this 1940 series (5) "Famous Americans : Educators" ; I felt surprised with the quality of the stamps in this lot, particularly these one's from the USA.. nice perforations, beautiful colors, etc..
The Personalities represented are :
$02 : Mark Hopkins $03 : Charles W. Eliot $05 : Frances E. Willard $10 : Booker T. Washington
Perf: 10.5 x 11
SG(867,868,869,870) Sc(870,871,872,873)

[Left] from the series (5) 1940 "Famous Americans : Artists"
Personalities : $03 Augustus Saint-Gaudens $05 : Daniel Chester French
Perf: 10.5 x 11
SG(883,884) Sc(886,887)

[Right] Complete series 1946 "Honourable Discharged Veterans of Second World War"
Perf: 11 x 10.5
SG(937) Sc(940)

I've had this stamps already cataloged, but I think that these trios are good additions to the collection.. the one from the right is not in very good shape [ and the "Godzila's claw "marks are well visible...] , but it will pass.
[Left] from a series (28) "Liberty Issue (1954/1968)"
Perf: 11 x 10.5
SG(1033) Sc(1035)
from a series (3) 1940 "National Defense Issue"
Perf: 11 x 10.5
SG(896) Sc(899)

Now We have stamps from two series of Taiwan..

Now , some of you are already thinking "And now, this Post mark doesn't  bother him??" ; and the answer is "No"... No , because I am truly delighted with this post mark.. it is beautiful.. it remember's me the post marks from the early stamps from Japan.. they are beautiful!! I don't know what they say , but they are beautiful.. remarkable..!! I think that these post marks give value to the stamp.. (it is my way of thinking ..!!)
these are stamps from one of the issues of the "Chu Kwang Tower, Quemoy" Series.. this series starts in 1959 with the 1st issue and these are stamps from 1965 4th issue..This particular issue has 14 stamps ; 
Perf: 13 x 12.5
SG(496,499) Sc(1397,1400)

These are stamps from the series (9) 1976 "Major Construction Projects (2nd series)" ;
Perf: 13 x 12.5
SG(1122f,1122i) Sc(2014,2017)
[Litho] [Wmk]

Let us now begin with the stamps from India , found also in this "on paper" lot...

beautiful stamp from a large series of 16 issued 1949..You will see that most part of these stamps from India I present, have a bad overall aspect but some of them are from 2000 or more recent..,, strange...
I must remember that these are almost the 1st stamps i have from India.. I'm just a beginner in what concerns to India stamps..
Perf: 14
SG(309) Sc(207) [Wmk]

These are stamps from two different series, with the same designs... the first two stamps are from a series (18) 1965/1968 and the 3rd and 4th are from a series (21) 1975/1978... the main difference between these series is that in the 1965 series a currency label is presented and in the 2nd series, only the value is presented , without currency label.
The Perforations are the same ( 14 x 14.5) fot both series..
SG(506,512,729,731) Sc(408,414,670,672) [Wmk]

from the series (3) 2001 "Famous men"
Personalities Presented : (2r) Sardar Vallabhdhal Patel (3r) Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Perf: 12.5 x 13
SG(1963,1964) Sc(1823,1872) [Wmk]

from the series (10) 2000 "Wildlife"
Perf: 12.5 x 13
SG(1929,1931) Sc(1826,1828)

[Left] from a series (4) 2005 "Flora and Fauna of North East India" ; this series is originally presented in a block of 4 ... the quality of the stamps is much better than all the other stamps I present...
Perf: 13.5
SG(2262,2263) Sc(2101c,2101d)
[Right] I don't know nothing about this stamp, only that the person represented is Mother Teresa.. I cannot find nothing in the catalogs... [HELP!!.]


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