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Prince and King

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Today I have a post with a small number of words (if compared to the last one...) and many beautiful stamps.. only some remarks about the Definitive series presented..

In another earlier post about Romanian Stamps, I talked about the feeling of Caution when we deal with definitive series from the classic and Semi-classical periods..they can be of difficult classification, with many parameters to get our attention ; the only definitive series I show today doesn't present this great diversity ,so it is with greater confidence than last time , that I show my results... the commemorative and Welfare series doesn't present any 'issue' , that I know of..!

Let us start with a series that was on my 'Must Have ' list... 

The Designs of Jean Pompilian are magnificent , the recess Printing is very good and the result is one of the best series of stamps I know ...the series appear here with 11 stamps because it includes the 25b green variety..
1906 "40 Years' Rule of Prince and King Carol I" (11) [Des (Jean Pompilian)][Recess (Bradbury wilkinson & Co. Ltd , London)] Sc(176,...,185)

some stamps from the series commemorating the Jubilee of the Kingdom of Romania...
1906 "25th Anniversary of the Kingdom" (10) [Des (Jean Pompilian)][Recess (Bradbury wilkinson & Co. Ltd, London)] Sc(186,186,188,189)

Now , one more 1906 series , in this case , a welfare Fund series... curiously the tax applied to these stamps doesn't appear as usual in the stamp itself.. in the next series I   I will present , the something happen's..
This tax was for Charitable Purposes..
1906 "Welfare Fund" (4) [Typo (Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ltd, England)] Sc(B13,...,B16)

another welfare series , this time from 1907; nothing to comment...
1907 "Welfare Fund" (4) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ltd, England)] Sc(B17,...,B20)

These are stamps from the King Carol I 1st Definitive series.. there were 3 series with similar designs , but are easily recognized with some experience with these stamps... the stamps from this series have no Wmk are Recess Printed and could have perf 11.5, 13.5 or a Mix (11.5x13.5 or 13.5x11.5)... 
I will make just a small stop in the conversation about this series , just to say that from my early days as a collector that I adopted a different way of making my notes when classifying perforations.. Every stamp has a smaller size , or in width or in lenght... I always note my stamps , when speaking of perforations, like this..
1st value : smaller size 2nd value : larger size (it is just a different way of doing the same thing.. in the end the information that I don't get is if the stamp is horizontally or vertically oriented.. I don't need this information....
returning now to our stamps , we have four groups of stamps where I have used my Perf notation as an example..
1st)2nd) 11.5x13.5 [in the 1st group I have a 5b yellowish green, a 25b with a different shade of blue than the one I've got already in the collection and the 40b Blueish Green and Yellowish green Varieties..][The 2nd group have 3 stamps of 50b, the first two are the Yellowish Orange and Orange and the third is a stamp issued in 1918 , with the color dull red...]
3rd)13.5x11.5 [the first stamp is a 10b Deep Carmine Rose , the 2nd a 40b Yellow Green and the third a 1L Unused Brown stamp with excellent detail..]
4th) 13.5 [a 10b Carmine Rose and a 50b Yellow Orange]
As usual I used two catalogs to make my classifications, Scott world and SG... in this case the detail is much greater with SG, that gives us a detailed view of perforations and colors in this beautiful series...(I don't know other Scott catalogs then this World 2009 version.. maybe there are another more specialized versions -- I'm sure they exist---..) 
1908 "King Carol I" (27) [Des (Jean Pompilian)][Recess (Government Printing Works, Bucharest)] Sc(207,210,211,211,213,213,214,208,211,215,208,213) [the Sc 214 is issued in 1918]

Unfortunately , the 40b value is missing .. this is a series that has one interesting particularity for me.. I didn't know that the 3b,15b,50b,1L,2L were designed by the great stamp designer Ludovic Bassarab... I have to make an update on the post about him in my other blog... (the data I have from Romania don't show the designers of this series...)
1913 "Acquisition of Southern Dobruja" (10) [Designer (Ludovic Bassarab 3b,15b,50,1L,2L)][Typo] Sc(230,...,235,237,...,239)

Ok,there was not so many talk as usual.. the fact that I went to a dinner with some friends last night must not be strange to this... Our mind keep us young but what was natural 20 years ago, has a strange influence in our body's  today...and today , 'thinking gives me a headache'..!


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