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Philippines Stamps (1st Post)

New Entries

Today I will present a few stamps ( a small group, unfortunately..) from Philippines... I bought it a few weeks ago and it was a big surprise for is a lot of stamps from the 60's and 70's and what surprises me the most is the quality of the printings... a great part of the stamps are [Photo] printed but with high quality printings, and this particular fact allowed me to use more detailed scans than those I use to show with [Photo] stamps... I want also to highlight the beautiful designs and colors of some of the stamps...
If you are a usual reader of this blog , you already know that reading catalogs is "Fun" for me , so it is not a surprise if I say I know many stamps that I do not own, I simply know them by reading the catalogs... there is one stamp from Philippines that I have to talk about , because of its beauty... it belongs to a 2 stamps series from 1960 , "World Refugee Year" and the two stamps are identical... if you see it  ,please buy it !!! it is a design of extraordinary beauty..!!
Another thing, much more important, that we learn reading catalogs is to find ways of dividing the time into periods, more or less of the most common ways of doing it is to watch the evolution of the printing and/or the Printing Companies... in this Philippine case, this approach is obvious... 
1854/1898 : Stamps from Spanish Origin , starting with some Queen Isabella's stamps in 1854 and ending with the stamps from King Alphonso XIII in 1898 (all the stamps printed in Madrid..)

1897 : Emilio Aguinaldo was elected President of the Philippines Republic...only two series were issued under this free government...the printings are internally made and are of general bad quality... 

1899/1935 : in the War US-Spain , the Spanish fleet was destroyed near Manila , and the Paris Treaty was signed between the two countries ; the Philippines were ceded to the US Government for a large quantity of money...( Aguinaldo was first arrested and then he ' allied' himself with the US forces ..).an initial Military government took place and was followed by civil Administration in 1901.. this is the period I choose to call " US BEP"(Bureau of Engraving and Printing).. if you don't know this particular period of Philippines Philately,You have here plenty of Excellent stamps and Printings...from 1926 to 1935 , two great series were issued with several beautiful different designs, always with the Very good [Recess] printings available in those days in the, this a very interesting period and for a US collector it sure is appealing..

1935/1942 : BEP, PBP )Philippines Bureau of Printing)
1942/1944 : The Japanese invasion took place in 1942 and in 1943 the Japanese declared the Philippines as a Republic under the sphere of Influence of Japan...some overprinted stamps and some other original series printed in Tokyo were the most significant that happened before the Republic declaration .. some PBP were the main 'dish' until 1944..

1946/1958 : Independent Republic...this is a period where other great Printing companies choose to work also in Philippines.. so we have stamps from BEP, PBP, ABNC, Waterlow, GPW Tokyo, De La Rue, Courvoisier (in the beginning of the [Photo] period), Bradbury Wilkinson and Enschedé...of course, this is a period where we had the usual one or two color printings..  

1958/... : Independent Republic (Colorful Period).. well, the stamps I have today are all from this period, and the first years have many beautiful, beautiful stamps... 

Here we have 3 stamps from 1962, the 2nd and 3rd from the same series... the 1st stamp
 is a surcharged stamp and the original is from 1952..
1962 "Fruit Tree Memorial fund" (2) [Recess (ABNC)] Sc(872) [ the personality represented in the design is Mrs. Aurora Aragon Quezon]
1962 "Rizal foundation Fund" (2) [Recess (GPW,Tokyo)] Sc(B21,B22)  [ this post is a nice opportunity to see some printings of the GPW Tokyo , not only the [Photo] but also the [Recess] printings, some of them really good ..]

The originals of these surcharged stamps are from 1962 , from a series with 12 portraits.. this series has the particularity of presenting several different perforations and being printed by 4 different companies...the chocolate brown stamp is printed by another Japanese company called Toppan of Tokyo..the other stamp is a Bradbury and Wilkinson work...
1963 "Surcharge on 'Portraits (1962/1969)" (12) [Recess (Toppan Printing Company,Tokyo)(Bradbury and Wilkinson)] Sc(874,873)

This is the first Colorful series I have to present , but it is not one of the best printed... if You notice carefully we will find some problems in the foot of the figures in the bottom right stamp..these are usual problems in [Photo] printed stamps , with some colors out of their place...but even these stamps present a level above medium , with well printed backgrounds and well defined figures...
1963 "Folk Dances" (4) [Photo (De La Rue)] Sc(889,...,892)

A nice design representing the visit of the President of Mexico...many and bright colors are definitely the Central point of attraction of these stamps...
1963 "Vist of President Mateos from Mexico" (2) [Photo (GPW,Tokyo)] Sc(896,897)

These Kennedy Commemoration series are very common in many of the Countries in the world...after President Kennedy's Assassination , a global wide consternation has hovered over the planet and soon these stamps became even one of the main topics of collection...this is Philippines tribute...
1965 "President Kennedy Commemoration" (3) [Photo (Harrison)] Sc(925,...,927)

starting in 1963 and ending in 1973 (I think....!) and  not annually issued, a group of  8 series with Presidential sayings was issued... the [Recess] printing was done by several different companies and in the end these are very good stamps... I call your attention to the exceptional engraving of the 2nd stamp... I think that it is the better engraving of all of those I present today... you see that the spacing between lines is very small , so the work was abundant and in the end the engraving of the President's face and hair is very , very good.. you can compare it with others with less work, less lines a final result not likely to be highlighted...
1st) 1963 "Presidential Sayings (1st Series) / (President Manuel Roxas)" (2) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson)] Sc(878)
2nd) 1963 "Presidential Sayings (2nd Series) / (President Magsaysay)" (2) [Recess (GPW,Tokyo)] Sc(881)
3rd) 1965 "Presidential Sayings (3rd Series) / (President Elpidio Quirino)" (2) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson)] Sc(883)
4th) 1966 "Presidential Sayings (4th Series) / (President General Emidio Aguinaldo)" (2) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson)] Sc(883A)
5th) 1967 "Presidential Sayings (6th Series) / (President Manuel L. Quezon)" (2) [Recess (GPW,Tokyo)] Sc(883F)

the original from 1966 and a surcharged stamp from 1971...a nice work..
1966 "Antonio Regidor Commemoration" (2) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson)] Sc(944)
1971 "Surcharge on "Antonio Regidor Commemoration" (2) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson)] Sc(1111)

from 1965 to 1968 there are some stamps with complex designs like this, where several points of history or "action" are represented... I like very much this kind of illustration but I don't know who is the designer.. it is a pity (my catalogs show  the designer's name only in the 80's and after...[ but I don't have a Philippine catalog.....]) ..
1966 "Introduction of a new seal for Manila" (2) [Litho (De La Rue)] Sc(954)

Two beautiful Christmas stamps ... [ I think that the proliferation of so many powerful Companies in this period, was very helpful to the general high quality of the [Photo] Printings , because in the end, "nobody wants to be bad in the picture..!" ]
1967 "Christmas" (2) [Photo (GPW,Tokyo)] Sc(976,977)

[Left]  the stamp show us President Marcos and his wife Imelda , picking rice.. 
1969 "Rice for Progress" (3) [Photo (Harrison)] Sc(1025

[Right] stamp from Tourism series showing the fishermen's work...
1971 "tourism (2nd Series)" (4) [Photo (Enschedé)] Sc(1087

a great, great stamp with one of those complex designs.. very beautiful..!!
1973 "Projects Inaugurated by Mrs. Imelda Marcos" (3) [Photo (GPW,Tokyo)] Sc(1216)

well, it was a brief look to the Philippine stamps , and next time I'll have Classic stamps from Luxembourg .. and I have also a lot of work to do...



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