Friday, September 16, 2016

Spain Stamps [ 8th Post ]

New Entries

I am delighted with these two last days... I have decided to work in a new post and I choose a very enjoyable one for me...We are going to travel again through the wonders of Spain..!! in my last "Spanish" post I talked about the Tourism Series and I even showed some of the stamps from these series....You are already "rubbing your hands" , advancing the beautiful engravings we are about to see... that's true , some of them are great works of the Art of Engraving, but I still lack the technical data of these stamps, hidden behind the FNMT (Fabrica Nacional de La Moneda y Timbre)...
Let us start by a brief introduction to this stamps : the Group of series commonly called "Tourism Series" was issued for the first time in 1964 and continued with some interruptions until 1977, already in the Kingdom of Juan Carlos I...from that day on and until 1987  , a new Group of series called "Monuments and Landscapes" started, with more or less the same subject and with the same nice engravings ...
Today I have stamps from 9 of the 11 series of this "Tourism Series" Group , issued from 1964 to 1975...I will display the stamps individually, for better appreciation by the viewer...with these stamps and the others shown in the last Spain's post , I have just a few stamps missing from these 9 series... I will try to complete them and start the other 2 series missing...

I will not spend much time trying to give you more information about all these beautiful places, because below the vignette , there is a label that tell us what is and where is the place represented... 
1964 "Tourism (1st Series)" (10) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1202,1203,1204,1206,1207,1208,1209)

1965 "Tourism (2nd Series)" (10) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1280,1281,1287)

1966 "Tourism (3rd Series)" (10) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1353,1354,1358,1359,1360,1361)

Back in 2011 , I started my own Youtube Channel to give form to one of my goals in the Hobby... I started to make videos about each country issues of 1967... I have made some of them, 10 or 11, but with time I continued the goal but stopped the video production...all this conversation just to present you something that I think I already showed here in the blog, but here it is again : all the stamps issued by Spain in 1967 and particularly the "Tourism (4th Series)".... the images are accompanied by good Spanish music...

1968 "Tourism (5th Series)" (5) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1533,1535,1536,1537)

1969 "Tourism (6th Series)" (4) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1581,...,1584)

1970 "Tourism (7th Series)" (6) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1616,...,1620)

1973 "Tourism (8th Series)" (5) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1758,...,1760)

1975 "Tourism (9th Series)" (6) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1891,1896)

Just to end this post, more like a 'showcase' of this Group of series, I have the Europa 1965 series, representing St. Benedict, the Patron of Europe...again a beautiful engraving , and a series that to be honest I do not know until now...

1965 "Europa" (2) [Recess (FNMT)] Sc(1313,1314)

Another of our many travels has reached it's end...we have seen many beautiful places by the hand of good Artists, and this is one , perhaps the most interesting , feature of Stamp collecting... it give's us the possibility of learning while travelling , without really leaving our is something like reading, stimulates our imagination and gives us a deep view of history events at a global is never too late to start your own Collection!!! 


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