Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Today I have some stamps from Chile..Many beautiful stamps are presented in Chile's Philately.. However , one aspect should be considered.. It is a "most collect" to all the Air Stamps Fans.

these are really "top class" stamps, very well designed , with great detail and a real joy to the eyes..there are 3 series with similar "overall aspect" (the dimensions of the stamp, the frames, etc..) in the same time frame ; these are the main aspects that able us to distinguish them:
1st: 1936 [ 400th Anniversary of the discovery of Chile ] : presents the value at the inferior left corner and the currency label at the inferior right..(Wmk)
2nd: 1938/1940 [ I called "Industry and Nature" ] presents the "$" simbol at the left and the value at the right.. In the middle there is the design label (Wmk)
   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd :  1942/1946 [ "Industry and Nature" ] "$" simbol at the left, value at the right .... in the middle the Currency label ( no Watermarks)
   The Perforation could be used also to distinguish them , but it is more complex , because it presents different values within the same series [ in all the 3 series ]....printing process also changes within the same series from lithographed to engraved stamps.[ in all the 3 series ].
So, these are stamps from a set 12 "Industry and Nature 1938/1940"
Perf: 14
Sc(205,207,208,209) (Wmk)

Another series with similar aspect, but from a very different time... the quality and detail of the designs is inferior ... some Personality stamps exists in these series, perhaps explorers of these wild landscapes...
stamps from the set 8 "Landscapes and Personalities 1960/1967"
the stamps are from 1961 (1), 1962 (2,3) and 1967 (4)
Perf: 14

 With these stamps, we can consider that they are all from the same series 14 or from two different series 7 with the same name..As we can see ther are normal postage stamps and Air Mail stamps..I prefer to consider it has the same series with "mixed" stamps..
So we have stamps from a set 14 1960/1965 " 150th Anniv of 1st National Government "
Perf: 14.5
Sc(331, C219, C220) [the $10 stamp is Wmk]

from the set 2 1967 "50th Anniv of Pardo's Rescue of Shackleton Expedition" Air Mail
The other stamp of $20 is a current postage stamp.
Perf: 14.5

The perforation of this stamp is damaged, but I present it here because I intent to keep it and because it is a very beautiful stamp...
Complete set 1970 "Surcharge on 'Easter Island'" 
Perf: 14.5 x 14


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