Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Chariot

New Entries

I'm starting with some beautiful stamps from Mongolia..The first thing that we mark is that these stamps are very different from those large stamps with , sometimes, less evolved paintings that we are accustomed to find ... these are really good stamps and are in the "folder" of the "appealing stamps"...( in my opinion, of course..)..This is the first Mongolian series where human figures appeared, and also landscapes , buildings.etc. before they were more abstract pictures , perhaps with a more religious approach...The aspect that troubles me , in these stamps, is the word "postage".. Why is that a country in the influence of the Soviet Union and/or China, make stamps with the word "postage".??; the stamps from the 30's , 40's and 50's , until 1960 have maintained a very "Chinese " style and in 1960 , something happened.. I'm not in conditions to know what really happened , but something did!! ( I will leave a link to a very good article about Mongolia , in Wikipedia.)
I maybe misinterpreted when I somehow diminished more recent stamps from Mongolia... I like them , I collect them and I have a large number of them(!..), but I prefer this more "Worked and classical " style.. 
These are stamps from a set 13 1932 "Nature, Culture and Personalities of Mongolia" (invented name., again..)
Perf: 12.5 x 12
SG(46,47,48,49,50,51,52,54) Sc(62,63,64,65,66,67,68,70) Wmk [beautiful and clearly visible]

stamps from Croatia ... the paper used in these stamps , is very thin and plain, similar to that used in some of the Chinese stamps of this same period of time..Yes, these are stamps from 1943/1944 and the featured personality is Ante Pavelic.. [  ]
This set 20 was issued with two perforations..12.5 and 14 ; this particular 3.50k stamp has a history of it's own..First it is different from the others because of the perforation.(11.5). A simple analysis show that the paper is also different (more thick..); but the story came with the day when it was specially issued 13/06/1943 , Pavelic's Saint's Day (!!??.) it has a superior catalog value [ let me say , that this stamp also exists with normal perforations..]
Perf: 12.5 (3k) 14(1k,2k,4k) 11.5(3.50k)

also issued in 1943, these stamps belong to a set 3 "Famous Croats"... 
Perf: 12 x 12.5
SG(83,84) Sc(57,58)

from the set 2 1943 " Honouring Ruder Boskovic (astronomer)"
Perf: 11

I received this stamp Yesterday and I came to the conclusion that I only bought 4 stamps in this all year of 2014..and spent less then € 10.00...[ Earth spins in it's perpetual movement and we spin also with our up's and Down's... I think that , perhaps the World have stopped from spinning, because my Up's are kept away from me...]
From the set 12 1896 "1st International Olympic Games"
Perf: 13.5 x 14
SG(117) Sc(124)



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