Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Beautiful Cinderella ??

Today I don't have time to do my usual post with new entries on the collection, so I remembered some stamps I have that I don't know the origin .. I have a lot of these stamps, I seem to have a magnet or so , to unknown stamps  (the conclusion is that sellers often tried to fool me with these stamps..!.)
I really don't mind having them, because sometimes they are really beautiful...
That is the case of this incomplete set of ?? from 1989 "???" ; I don't know the country also...
I need some help of my Stamp Friends , and I though that today is a good day to say "HELP IS NEEDED"
please say something...

perhaps if someone understands what is written ( always different things in each stamp) in the stamps could help me...

Well, I hope someone could solve this mystery ... Last time I have presented one , it was solved in 15 minutes.!!

Well, Goodbye
SeeYou Tomorrow


  1. Hello there! You can try to search in Google Images. It is often helpful. Have a nice day.