Friday, April 25, 2014

The Lighthouse

New Entries

Yesterday I spent all the night classifying these group of 21 stamps...I started after have watched my Benfica win Juventus..(Good game!!), so they were  22.00H.. I finished at 01.30H of the morning..(with 1 or 2 stops to smoke ...).. All of this to say that it should be many more time if the stamps were from different series...15 of them belong only to 4 series, and in this cases I can use the "Clone" tool of my software...that is to say , if you have 4 stamps of the same series , you just have to fill one time the main characteristics of the set (perforation, width, height, watermarks, name of the series, date of issue [if it is the same for all stamps], Country, etc, and just copy("clone" it ) it and change catalog number, color, face value and catalog value of the stamp... It is a very valuable tool , because of the time saved in repetitions some times boring... I think that today all the stamp Software's have this Tool, but I just have found it a Year or so after I began working with the program..(Clone?? Hmmm... let's see what is this ...)

the stamps I present today are all common stamps , of very small catalog value... Yet, they are real works of Art...In my opinion , Russian stamps are , with very few exceptions, very well designed, in most cases a pleasure to see..(Ohu..!! I remember now those ugly stamps from the standard definitive series from 1922 to 1927 ... )
These flower stamps are from a set 5 1983 "Spring Flowers" 
Perf: 12.5 x 12
SG(5331,5332,5333,5334) Sc(5148,5149,5150,5151)

Complete set 1952 "50th Death Anniv of Uspensky (writer)"
Perf: 12.5
SG(1773) Sc(1638)
Beautiful stamp

Complete set 1958 " Kuan Han-ching (Chinese playwright) Commemoration"
Perf: 12
SG(2289) Sc(2146)

Beautiful stamps from the set 5 1982 "Lighthouses 1st Series"
Perf: 12
SG(5292,5293,5294,5295) Sc(5107,5108,5109,5110)

from the set 5 1983 "Lighthouses 2nd Series"
Perf: 12
SG(5343,5344,5345,5346) Sc(5179,5180,5181,5182)

set 6 1958 "40th Anniv of Young Communists League" 
Perf: 12
SG(2279,2280,2281) Sc(2135,2136,2137)

from the set 16 1951 "Russian Scientists"
Perf: 12.5
SG(1716) Sc(1580)
A "Most Wanted" Situation (2nd degree of the "Philatelic Thermometer")

A MS from the set 4 1975 ""Apollo"-"Soyuz" Space Link" 
Perf: 12 x 11.5
SG(MS4414) Sc(4342)

Complete set 1968 "50th Anniv of Execution of 26 Baku Commissars" ; I would like to "dig" a little this event , but I really have no time , now...
Perf: 11.5
SG(3598) Sc(3510)

To finish for today , I have a car to present...
I don't like car's and I don't have one for myself.. Yes, I use Public Transports ( it's , more or less , a family thing..!)
From the set 5 1976 "History of Soviet Motor Industry (4th series)" 
Perf: 12 x 11.5
SG(4512) Sc(4440)


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  1. Приятно видеть что марки твоей страны кого-то радуют. К сожалению в сегодняшней России коллекционирование не в моде......надеюсь это временно....