Monday, April 28, 2014

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New Entries

Today I have some Nordic stamps to present..

Some new additions to the set "King Christian X (1942/1946)" ..As I said before, these long series of King Christian X are a pleasure to collect...I have much more to offer in what is concerned with this series , but ... they are not new additions to the collection! I don't know if I already talk about this aspect, but this set is UnWaterMarked...
Let me explain my way of viewing stamp Topics... what information's can I get from this stamp?.
I would classify it in:
1) Known Personalities 2)Military Uniforms 3) Crowns 4) Royal Personality 5) Heraldry 
This is a very personal subject , and there is no way of telling that We have the right view of things and the others don't... Like in life , everyone has it's one..

Now let us walk North to Norway

This is a series with beautiful stamps... We must view them in detail , because the background pictures are somehow "fainted" 
It is a set of 11 1947 "Tercentenary of Norwegian Post Office" .. It is without doubts, my last addition to the "Most Wanted" folder...
Perf: 13
SG(385,386,387,389,392) Sc(280,281,282,284,287)

Great Ocean Landscape ruined by a Letter is very good the perspective and design of the Cirrus clouds, giving us that sense of is really a good picture!!
it is from a set 2 1965 "Centenary of Norwegian Red Cross"
Perf: 13
SG(580) Sc(474)

from a set 3 1939... there are two issues of these set.. One , the Original , of 1938, with Wmk and the other , this one of 1939, without Wmk.;  the set is called "Tourist Propaganda"
Perf: 13.5 x 13
SG(262) Sc(184)

To finish this post , I have a set from Sweden... We must consider it by two different ways.1) it is a complete set of stamps with vertical perforation.. 2) it is a incomplete set , if We mix the perforated stamps ( and there is one missing...)  with those of vertical perforation.. I prefer to classify it the second Way , because the pictures are the same and the Name of the series also ( the theme of the series..) remains..
The personalities represented are J.J.Berzelius (10;30) and Carl Von Linne (15;50;15)
From a set 6 1939 "Bicentenary  of the Swedish Academy of Sciences"
Perf: N/A x 12.5 and 12.5

SeeYou next Post...

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