Thursday, May 15, 2014


New Entries

As I said in a earlier post, I'm a complete beginner in India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria Philately's..I have tried to obtain some stamps from India and Pakistan ( without buying them...) , but... the world isn't perfect..!
The stamps that I present today, came along with  larger lot's of world stamps.. I just have some recent stamps of Pakistan, that I leave for another opportunity...

Here we are in presence of a series originally issued in 1961/1963... the first stamp is from that series.. the others belong to a redrawn series issued in 1963/1970..
I called this series "Views from Pakistan..." ; the 2 views presented are Kyber Pass and Shalimar Gardens , Lahore.
There are several ways to distinguish these two series, but I will only highlight one:
As you can see in the original series, the top right label present the letters clearly separated ; in the other series we can see that there is a line passing through the top of all letters, uniting them...
The last 4 stamps are from a 'Overprinted "Views of Pakistan (1963/1970)"'  series and the stamps presented are issued 1963 and 1964...

Perf: 13.5 x 14 (for all stamps)
Sc(131) Sc(134a,135a,135b,135c,138a) Sc(O79b,O82a,O83,O86a)

Now I have some stamps from Syria..

The stamp represents a Water Wheel and belongs to a series 5 1925..
Perf: 13.5

stamp from a series 24 1930 "Views from Syria (1930/1936)"
This is , from what I have seen in Catalogs, clearly a "Must Have" situation (all this period...)
it represents the Great Mosque of Aleppo.
Perf: 12.5 x 12

Air Mail series 7 1940 ..
Perf: 13
beautiful stamps...

(Overprint  'United Arab Nation UAR' over "Azem Palace,Damascus 1957" ) 1959
Perf: 11.5

A pair of stamps from the series 13 "President Hafez Al Assad (1986/1990)"
Perf: 11.5

here is a small video with some of the stamps shown in this blog in the month of March 2014 ( the blog have started in 20/03/2014)


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