Monday, May 5, 2014

In the Theatre

New Entries

In my last post I have presented some stamps from the Classical period of was a period of time when Angola, as we know, was under Portuguese influence. ; I have decided to present those stamps because I only had to work with overprints... I think that the classical period of Portugal is one of the most difficult to classify, not because of Watermarks, overprints, but because of the knowledge it requires of papers...You have to know everything about papers, and to know it by touch... it requires a great deal of experience... I think I'm not yet prepared for this task..... It reminds of an old TV show from the 70's , named "Kung Fu" , where in the first day of the young student in the Shaolin Temple , the old Master present him a small stone and say "When you could grab the pebble from my hand... then you must leave." ; and he did leave , but 20 years later... So , when You see me presenting  here stamps of King D. Luis , King D. Carlos I or the "Ceres" series , then you know I'm finally experienced in papers ..

Here We have two similar series from Hungary... These series have no name in these world catalogs I use( they should have one in the National Catalogs..)..The 1st series is from 1939 and has 14 is  divided into smaller values (from 1 to 25f) [with perf. 15] and the higher values (30 to 70f) [with perf. 12].. The watermarks presented are different from the 1st. to the 2nd series
The 2nd is a series of 19 1941/1943. It could have perf. 12x 12.5, 12.5 x 12 or 15 ; in these particular stamps, we have:
1st) Perf: 12
2nd) Perf: 12 x 12.5

a few stamps of Venezuela , from the set 12 1966 "Bolivar commemoration" ; these are AIR stamps , [and Venezuela Philately is rich in these stamps] .
Perf: 14 x 13.5
SG(1970,1971,1974,1975,1980) Sc(C937,C938,C941,C942,C947)

When my father left me his Portugal and Ex-Colonies stamps, I begin to think "how can I make this collection grow??".. I think in exchanging stamps , but at that time I didn't know anyone who collected stamps... than I start buying them..First, complete series , and finally , big lots of world stamps, complete albums of particular countries, etc. but I tried several times to exchange stamps , but in the end I was robbed 2 or 3 times ( even in recent days..).. I will not exchange stamps again, because the final result is to lost faith in the man kind... it is not good..
This is a complete set of Israel 1971 " Israeli Theatre".. This is from one of the lots I have bought 2 or 3 years ago [ 1966 to 1970 MNH ] ( I have to make several post's yet with Israel stamps..) 
Perf: 14 x 13
SG(469,468,470) Sc(440,441,442)

Complete set 1970 "50th Anniv of Habimah National Theatre"
Perf: 14 x 13
SG(443) Sc(412)

stamps from a set 5 1975 "Pyongyang Zoo"
Perf: 1st) 12.5 2nd) 10.5
SG(1352,1353) Sc(1290,1291)


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