Friday, May 2, 2014


New Entries

Today's post is shorter than usual, and fewer stamps are presented...not because of a casual lack of time , but due to the fact that today a complete series of 9 stamps is presented, and that is , I think the first time in the short history of the Blog. 

The series presented here today is , as I said before, a series 9 1946 "Victory : War Scenes" : It was issued in 15/11/1946 , after the end of the II World War..
Little is to tell about this series... The set had initially 8 stamps , but in 1948 other 1000d stamp was issued ; The initial 8 stamps were printed by "Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd" and the 1948 (15/09/1948) stamp by "Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd"; this last stamp has slightly different dimension than the others ( as we can see in the picture...[2nd stamp from 2nd row]) and different perforation.. 
Perf: 12.5  (13 x 13.5 for the 1948 stamp)

Two different Vatican FDC of the series 1973  "500th Birth Anniversary of Copernicus".. In each one of them, 2 of the 4 stamps of the series are present.
In the back side of each FDC , a resumed history of Copernicus.


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