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Dancing in the Festival

New Entries

In my last post I said that some attention would be given to the designers and engravers of these new entries of stamps in the collection..Why this sudden interest in this aspect of our hobby?? Well, the other day I was thinking about the reason people like more some stamps than others... In my case , the answer is easy...there are stamps that are more beautiful than others.. who is responsible for this.??.. Yes , the Artists that always lies behind every great work.. so, I decided to give them the attention they deserve , because the real Art is theirs , not from any other aspect of the production...


First I will start with some stamps from the French period.. this 1st series, obligates me to divide my thinking into 3 different steps, for viewers who don't collect French Morocco stamps could have all the information..
A) in 1902 , stamps from 3 different French series were emitted with the label "Maroc" and Surcharge in Spanish currency and labels ; these series were : Blanc, Mouchon and Merson series...
B) in 1911 , the same stamps were emitted with Surcharge in Red and Blue..
C) in 1914 the stamps from B) were Overprinted with the label "Protectorat Français" ; these 4 stamps we have here , are part of this C) step.
The first two stamps are from the Original France "Blanc" series, named in honor to its designer Paul-Joseph Blanc and the last two from the "Mouchon" series (with the name of the Designer/Engraver  Eugéne Mouchon) ; both these series were originally issued in France in 1900 [Blanc (1900/1924) Mouchon (1900/1901)].

So, we have stamps from the series (17) "Overprint 'Protectorat Français' on «Surcharge on ««France 'Blanc','Mouchon' and 'Merser' series (1911/1917)»»» (1914/1921)".

Perf: 14 x 13.5
[Des] Paul-Joseph Blanc : (b 1846/d 1904) painter and designer of Historic Scenes. Grand Prix de Rome in 1867.. Professor of design in the School of Arts in 1893.
[Engr] Emile Thomas (d 1907)
SG(40,41,45,49) Sc(38,39,43,47)

these are 4 beautiful stamps of a Air Mail series (11) "Flight over Casablanca" (1922/1927)" ; the stamp of 80c was issued in 1927 while the others are from 1922. for the enthusiasts of aviation , I can tell that the picture represents a 'Breguet 14T Biplane'..

[Des] Joseph De La Néziere (b 1873/d 1944) French painter.. during his travels through North Africa , he became an Orientalist Artist.. in 1910, was commissioned to illustrate the stamps of the North Africa French Colonies. Died in Casablanca.
[Engr] Printing Helio-Vaugirard,SA (b 1897) since 1917 to 1951 the company has specialized itself in stamps , with the commission of works in Morocco, Lebanon,Syria, Madagascar, Vietnam, etc (SAAR protectorate also).
Perf: 13.5
SG(114,117,118,121) Sc(C4,C6,C7,C10a) [ I am considering the 2F stamp as 'Deep Violet'(Sc 10a) and not only 'Violet' (Sc 10)]

Complete series 1950 "Stamp Day and 25th Anniv of First Mail Flight from Casablanca to Dakar"
Perf: 13
SG(374) Sc(CB35)

from a Air Mail series (3) 1955 ; the picture represents a small village in the Anti-Atlas Region.

[Des] A. Delphy
[Engr]  Raoul Serres : (1881/1971) "Grand Prix De Rome 1906" and numerous other Honors during his life ; Book Illustration and Stamp Engraver...60 postage stamps in France and others in North Africa French Colonies.
Perf: 13
SG(465) Sc(C53)

Complete series 1960 "World Refugee Year"
[Des][Engr] Albert Decaris : (1901/1988) Grand Prix de Rome 1919 ; illustration of books, designer and engraver of more then 170 stamps in France and about 400 in North African Countries.. Also make several large formats Art works with 1 meter large.. numerous honors by France and French Postal Authority.
Perf: 13
SG(73,74) Sc(36,37)

Complete series 1960 "900th Anniv of Marrakesh."
Perf: 13
SG(75) Sc(38)

Here we have stamps from the two first series of King Hassan II of Morocco ; these two series have similar designs 
[Left] from the series (10) 1962 "King Hassan II (1962)" [1c,15c and 80c are missing] SG(112,113,114, 116, 117,118,119) Sc(76, 77,78,80,81,82,83)
[Right] stamps from the series (5) "King Hassan II (1964/1965)"  SG(116b,117a,117b,118a) Sc(111,112,113,114)

[Des][Engr] Charles Mazelin (1882-1984) studied at the decorative arts school in Paris and received the Prix de Rome twice, in 1906 and 1908. He began engraving in the field of philately only in 1939.He worked also in collaboration with other painters in the illustration of numerous books. Mazelin's style is considered to be sober and classic.
Perf: 13.5 x 13

Two complete series 

[Left] 1978 "National Folklore Festival, Marrakesh."
Perf: 13.5 x 13
SG(504) Sc(420)
[Right] 1979 "National Folklore Festival, Marrakesh."
Perf: 13
SG(519) Sc(434)

[Des] Jean Marie Louis


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