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Cactus and Liberty

New Entries

Today's post show us some 50's and 60's USA stamps..
What is a  "Rotary Printing Press" (simplified definition..)?? ..  If you need more advanced article's , well, the NET is full of them!! More Advanced knowledge of the differences between Flat Printing Press and Rotary Printing Press are needed for the analysis and classification of some series that combine both methods..  I will leave here another interesting article about those early times of RPP..(pdf. file)
Scott catalog is one of the World catalog's I use in the classification of my the 1st years of the 50's a new term appear in the US catalog.. sometimes there is RPP and others Giori Printing Press .. this GPP and others that appear in the above pdf. are all Rotary Printing Press method , but more advanced devices  that could achieve much greater velocities .. I think it had started like this..(until the Giori Printing Press, that is the last that interest us for this post...)

1) Stickney (first rotary press)
2) Huck 
3) Cottrell Press
4) Giori Press  

Now , let us start with the stamps..
In this post I have many individual Series (of one stamp only..) , so there will be many images and less 'talk' .. they are beautiful stamps..!!

[Left] 1953 "25th Anniv of "Future Farmers of America" (1) [Perf 10.5 x 11] [Des (R.L. Miller)][Engr (A.W. Dintaman)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1024)
[Right] 1953 "Centenary of Gadsden Purchase" (1) [Perf 10.5 x 11] [Des (C.R. Chickering)][Engr (A.W. Dintaman)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1028)

[Left] 1954 "Centenary of Nebraska Territory" (1) [Perf 11 x 10.5] [Des (C.R. Chickering)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1060)
[Right] 1957 "Teachers of America Commemoration" (1) [Perf 11 x 10.5][Des (C.R. Chickering)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1093)

[Left] 1957 " Infantile Paralysis Relief Campaign" (1) [Perf 10.5 x 11] [Des (C.R. Chickering)] [Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1087)
[Right] 1957 "Flag Issue" (1) [Perf 11 x 10.5][Des (V. S. McCloskey, Jr.)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1094)

[Left] 1957 "Birth Bicentenary of Marquis de Lafayette" (1) [Perf 10.5 x 11][Des (Ervine Metzl)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1097)
[Right] 1958 "Centenary of Inauguration of Atlantic Cable" (1) [Perf 11 x 10.5][Des (George Giusti)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1112)

[Left] One more stamp of Dr. Sun Yat-sen (in my opinion it is a not very well accomplished stamp... )
1961 "50th Anniv of Republic of China" (1) [Perf 10.5 x 11] [Des (C.R.Chickering)][Engr (M.D. Fentom)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1188)

[Right] 1962 "50th Anniv of Arizona Statehood" (1) [Perf 11][Des (Jimmy E. Ihms & James M. Chemi)][Engr (A.W. Dintaman)][Recess][GPP] Sc(1192)

 [Left] this is a stamp representing a painting by Winslow Homer.. 
1962 "Breezing up" (1) [Perf 11][Des (V. S. McCloskey)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1207)

[Right] 1963 "Amelia Earhart and Lockheed Electra" (1) [Perf 11][Des (Robert J. Jones)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][GPP] Sc(C68) [Air Mail]
small video with Amelia Earhart explaining her TransAtlantic voyage..

 [Left] 1964 "400th Birth Anniv of William Shakespeare" (1) [Perf 10.5 x 11][Des (Douglas Gorsline)][Engr (C.A.Brooks)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1250)

[Right] 1965 "700th Anniv of Dante's Birth" (1)[Perf 10.5 x 11][Des (Douglas Gorsline)][Engr (A.W. Dintaman)][Recess][RPP] Sc(1267)

This is a series called "Champions of Liberty" ; it was issued from 1957 to 1961 and it is constituted by 10 stamps of $04 and 10 of $08.. here are represented only 7 stamps of $08..  
A particularity of this series is that the $04 stamps are RPP and the $08 are GPP..

I will end this post with this beautiful stamp , representing General Andrew Jackson leading the US Army in  the Battle of New Orleans ; I leave this stamp to the end because I'm a huge fan of Battle's history and Military Tactics and because it is a beautiful, beautiful stamp.!.. 

1965 "150th Anniv of Battle of New Orleans" (1) [Perf 11][Des (R.J. Jones)][Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess][GPP] Sc(1261)


[Update]In the "Champions of Liberty" series , there are only 19 stamps ; the first to be issued , in 1957, was a $08 stamp with larger dimension ; so , there  are 10 stamps of $08 and 9 of $04.. [Updated 06/08/2014 16:56]

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