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New Entries

Some of the stamps I show today are a perfect example of how Postmarks can easily disrupt the entire overall aspect , turning them into less appealing stamps.. 
In a earlier post I said that great part of my Poland stamps are recent.. well,  I've got a small group of them from the 20's and 30's , but they all have this 'postmark' trouble.. but I have to classify them the same , and give them a place in my collection..

this series was issued in a time where several Social and Economic variables were in great mutation... 
"After Poland's independence in 1918, the country soon began experiencing extreme inflation. By 1921, prices had already risen 251 times above those of 1914, but in the following three years they rose by 988,223%[58] with a peak rate in late 1923 of prices doubling every nineteen and a half days.[59] At independence there was 8 marek per US dollar, but by 1923 the exchange rate was 6,375,000 marek (mkp) for 1 US dollar. The highest denomination was 10,000,000 mkp. In the 1924 currency reform there was a new currency introduced: 1 zloty = 1,800,000 mkp" (Wikipedia)
This 1924 series is the first one where the new currency appears , with 1z =100g ; the 1z stamp is very different from the others,representing the 2nd Poland President Stanislaw Wojciechowski... 
there are still 2 stamps missing (3g and 40g)

1924 "Arms of Poland" (12) [Perf (from 10 to 13 and mix)] [Litho]  Sc(215,216,218,219,220,221,222,223,225,226)

Series representing two of the main pillars of the 2nd Republic of Poland... Jozef Pilsudski (1867/1935)  , represented in the first two stamps, was the most important figure in the shaping of Poland after the WW1..As military Chief and Head of State , it was with his Work and belief that the new Poland Map was redesigned..[Poland was not an Independent republic for 123 years , and many of it's original regions were split by the main Regional Powers..] From 1918 to 1935 his Political activity was vital for Poland and his memory is highly Regarded...
The 3rd stamp show us Ignacy Moscicki (1867/1946)  , President of Poland from  1926 to 1939.. As We can see many of this time coincided with the activity of Jozef Pilsudski and during his presidency , Moscicki never leave his former work as Cientist and inventor in the field of chemistry... We can say that Pilsudsky was the real  'Strong Man' of the regime during these days...
The 1st stamp was issued in 1931 and the two others in 1928..
1928/1931 "Jozef Pilsudski and Ignacy Moscicki" (3) [Perf (from 10.5 to 14 and mix)] [Recess] Sc(254,253,255)

[Left] 1928 "Return From Syria of the Ashes of General Jozef Bem" (1) [Perf 12.5] [Typo] Sc(256)
The life of General Jòzef Bem is one of those that should be known , because it was a life of constant discovery ,adventure and Prowess's..
[Right] 1928 " Henryk Sienkiewicz (author)" (1) [Perf] 12.5] [Typo] Sc(257)
Nobel Prize winning novelist ... Author of the famous novel "Quo Vadis" , brought to Global Fame by Hollywood in 1951..

[Left] 1928 "National Arms" (3) [Perf 12 x 12.5] [Typo] Sc(258,259,260)
[Right] 1928 "National Exhibition, Poznan" (1) [Perf 12.5 x 12] [Typo] Sc(261)  in this stamp it is represented the Slav God Swiatowid

[Left] This stamp is a homage to George Washington in his Birth Bicentenary.. Side by side with Washington are two figures of Poland who became famous in the United States of those days...At the Left we have Tadeusz Kościuszko and at the Right Casimir Pulaski..
1932 "Birth Bicentenary of George Washington" (1) [Perf 11.5] [Typo] Sc(267)
[Right] it is without doubts a beautiful stamp, good printing , good design , but the postmark doesn't is designed by one of the main graphic Artists of Poland and in the stamp are represented the Airman Franciszek Zwirko and the airplane Designer Stanislaw Wigura..
1933 "Victory in Flight round Europe Air Race, 1932" (1) [Perf 11.5][Des (Ryszard Kleczewski)][Recess (Wlodzimierz Vacek)] [Wmk] Sc(C10) [Air Mail]

These stamps I present now , were included just to complete the post with some more stamps..
they are from different times ...

[Left] 1951 "Six Year Plan" (4) [Perf 12.5 x 13] [Des (W. Zakrzewski)][Recess (M.R. Polak)] Sc(507A,508)
[Right] 1974 "Flowers (Paintings by Stanislaw Wyspianski)" (6) [Perf 12 x 11.5] [Des ( J. Brodowski)][Recess (B. Konechi)] Sc(2017,...,2022)


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