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Today's post is small ... 


As you know I had to buy some Japan stamps to end the Matsuo Basho post (" The Promise and the Traveler's Poem")... I also bought 2 stamps of this beautiful Angolan series , just to end it also.. the rest of the stamps were not classified yet, so I present them today...
It a series with common designs used in all the former Portuguese Colonies... it emphasis's Explorer's , Navigator's , Warrior's and Men of Knowledge, that distinguish themselves in Portuguese History..
In this particular series , we have designs of Vasco Da Gama , Mouzinho de Albuquerque , Prince Henry the Navigator , and Afonso De Albuquerque..

1938 "Portuguese Colonial Empire" (18) [Perf 13.5 x 13][Des (Arnaldo Ressano Garcia)][Intaglio (Bradbury Wilkinson & Co., London)] Sc(274,...,291)


In these stamps from Turkey there are two distinct groups... one from the Ottoman period and other from the more recent , Republican period.

1916 "Overprint (Moon & Star 1916) on '50th Anniversary of the Introduction of Postage in Turkey'" (4) [Perf 13.5][Litho] Sc(B42,...,B45)
There are two possible perforations ( 13.5 and 12.5)

1960 "Manisa Festival" (4) [Perf 13][Offset] Sc(B75,...,B78)
The monuments highlighted are the Manisa Asylum (1st,2nd) , the Blue Mosque (3rd)... 
I cannot find data about the Personality represented in the 4th stamp .. (only sites in Turkish language and I don't even know the right name ...  it's better not to invent one.!) 


      United States of America

In the next posts , I will include some US or Spanish stamps , because I have many of them to classify... also from Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Russia ... I will leave a small part in the end of the posts to show some of these stamps...

 [Left] 1958 "Mackinac Bridge Commemoration" (1) [Perf 10.5 x 11][Des (Arnold Copeland)] [Recess (R.M. Bower)][Rotary Press Printing] Sc(1109)

[Right] 1957 "B52's and Lockheed F104" (1) [Perf 11 x 10.5][Recess][Rotary Press Printing] Sc(C49)[AIR]

1941/1944 "Two Motored Transport airplane" (7) [Perf 10.5 x 11][Des (William A. Roach)][Recess (Picture : J.R. Lowe , Labels : J.S. Edmondson and T. Vail)] [Rotary Press Printing] Sc(C25,...,C30)

All the stamps are issued in 1941 except the 8c stamp that was issued in 1944..there is only one stamp missing , the 50c...

1956 "50th Anniv of Devils Tower National Monument" (1) [Perf 10.5 x 11][Des (Charles R. Chickering)][Recess (A.W. Dintaman)][Rotary Press Printing] Sc(1084)


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