Friday, September 19, 2014

To Mr. Heinz (II)

New Entries

This post is once again a tribute to Mr. Heinz.. I must remember that all the stamps and other Vatican items showed in this blog were in the past from this gentleman that I know nothing about , but from who I am deeply Grateful..

This first series is a 'classic' among Vatican stamps.. it is about Lourdes (France) , it's Sanctuary and the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary..

1958 "Centenary of Apparition of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes" (6) [Des (C. Dabrowska)][Engr (S. Vana - 5l,25l -)(F.Pagani - 10l,35l -)(V. Nicastro - 15l,100l -)][Intaglio] Sc(233,...,238) Wmk

1959 "Coronation of Pope John XXIII" (4) [Des (Grassellini)][Photo] Sc(250,...,253) Wmk

2 FDC from 1965 "Pope Paul's Visit to the U.N., New York" (4) [Photo] Sc(416,...,419)

FDC from 1965 " 700th Anniv of Dante's Birth" (4) [Des (C. Dabrowska)][Engr (A. Quieti)][Intaglio][Photo] Sc(410,...,413) Wmk

FDC and simple cover from 1972 "Bramante Celebrations" (3) [Des (R. Di Giuseppe)][Engr (R. Di Giuseppe)][Intaglio] Sc(515,...,517) Wmk

1973 "Millenary of Prague Diocese" (4) [Photo] Sc(541,...,544)

[Left] Cover from 1974 "The Bible" (5) [Photo] Sc(550,...,554) 
[Right] 1974 "Centenary of UPU " (2) [Litho] Sc(558,559)

1974 "700th Death Anniv of St. Bonaventura of Bagnoregio" (3) [Des (T. Mele)][Photo] Sc(558,...,560)

1983 "Holy Year" (4) [Des (G. Hajnal)][Photo] Sc(721,...,724)

As you could see , I was somehow in  'Silent mode'.. there was no talking..
Perhaps next time I'll be more 'In the mood' to talk...


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