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Some nice stamps..

New Entries

This is the second post about the stamps of the Island of Madagascar, with many beautiful Art works of some of the best "Key players" of our Hobby...

This is a design used in almost all the French Colonies and Territories .. it is usually known as "Navigation and Commerce" is designed and engraved by our well known Eugene Mouchon (You can see his name signed below Mercury's feet...)..if You saw my last post , You will observe that the design background is again filled with small squares, remembering a stone sidewalk...this background was used by Muchon for the 1st time in the King Carlos I 2nd series (Portugal) of 1895...
The 2nd group of stamps show us the same design of 1896 , surcharged in 1912...a curious thing is that the printing is much worse than in the original issue... the background is barely visible and there is considerably less detail... 
1st Group] 1896/1899 "Navigation & Commerce" (20) [Des/Engr (Eugene Mouchon)][Typo] Sc(28,29,31,32,34) [ Sc(34) is actually from a 2nd series from 1900/1906 with some new colors ]
2nd Group] 1912 "Surcharge on 'Navigation & Commerce'" (10) [Des/Engr (Eugene Mouchon)][Typo] Sc(115,116,117)

These are stamps from a large series of 1930 with 4 designs from Henry Cayon... Cayon was an Africanist Painter and during his life he traveled a lot through out all the French colonies...the designs are very beautiful and perfect and the printing is quite good , if we compare it with some of the other large series from the French Colonies issued during the 30's...the stamps are beautifully engraved by George Hourriez(1,2,and 3 stamps...) and Abel Mignon (4 and 5th stamps stamps...)
1930 "Various Designs" (23) [Des (Henry Cayon)][Engr (George Hourriez)(Abel Mignon)][Typo] Sc(148,150,154,155,156)

The rest of the Post is like an exhibition of beautiful stamps with great designs and better engraver works...I wish to highlight the stamps designed and engraved by René Cottet.. they are simply wonderful..!! I will show the stamps one by one ,because I think you all deserve a better look to the details of the engraving ....

1960 "Butterflies and Plantations" (16) [Des/Engr (Rene Cottet 0.30F,0.40F)(Pierre Munier 0.50F,50F)(Jean Pheulpin  1F,200F)(Pierre Gandon 3F,100F)(Claude Durrens 5F)(Georges Bétemps 6F,10F)(Raoul Serres 8F,15F)][Recess] Sc(306,..,315)(C63,C64,C65)

As I said in the 1st post about this beautiful Island, it is curious to pay attention to the Country label that changes many times in the Country's history...
1962 "Tourism" (5) [Des/Engr (Georges Bétemps 10F)(Claude Durrens 30F)(Jacques Combet 50F)(Jean Pheulpin 60F)(René Cottet 100F)][Recess] Sc(329,330,331,332,C70)

These are postage Due stamps from a series of 1962.. very nice work...
1962 "Postage Due Stamps/Independence Monument" (10) [Des (B. Ranjato)][Engr (R. Fenneteaux)][Recess] Sc(J41,...,J44)

This is the first of the two series dedicated to the postal transport in the Island..
1965 "Postal Transports (1st Series)" (4) [Des/Engr (René Cottet 3F,4F)(Pierre Gandon 10F,12F)][Recess] Sc(371,...,374) [ the stamps by Pierre Gandon are designed from originals of B. Ranjato]

1966 "Postal Transports (2nd Series)" (4) [Des/Engr (Pierre Gandon 20F,25F)(René Cottet 35F,65F)][Recess] Sc(375,...,378) [ the stamps by Pierre Gandon are designed from originals of B. Ranjato]

the post is now finished ... I think it is the post where I talked less, but  I'm confident that in the end it will please You...!


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  1. The early stamps are some of my favourites . Thanks for posting