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Two days ago I started the preparation of this post with some Spanish stamps... but with so many of them to enter the collection, which one's should I classify ??.. it was a though question to answer , but in the end I think I have managed to get a nice idea to this post... for those who like engraved stamps, this is a Great post...take a seat and enjoy some of the nice engravings Spanish stamps have to offer...
Most of the stamps I have to present today are from a group of Series called "Spain Monasteries"..the series was issued for the first time in 1959 and ended in 1978 with interruptions in 1962 and 1971...the focus is in Religious buildings so we are talking about Ancient Architecture and consequently some complicated engravings , with lots of light and shadow problems to add to the engraver's hard task...In addition to this group of "Monastery" stamps I have others from the "Landscapes and monuments" and "tourism" series (from several different years) always with a religious background and a nice engraving work...
I used the EDIFIL 2016 to prepare this post,and I can say it is a very nice catalog, very complete, but without any references to Designers and Engravers... if You don't need this kind of info, it is the catalog You Want ....
All the series are incomplete , so I have to try to finish them in a near future..

[Left]  1960 "Samos Royal Monastery" (3) Sc(966)
[Right] 1963 "St. Mary's of Poblet Royal Monastery" (4) Sc(1158)

A very nice representation of Pope John XXIII,in the year of the Vatican II Ecumenical Council..
1962 "Vatican II Ecumenical Council" (1) Sc(1153)

Four stamps from the Tourism series of is curious to see that France also have a series with landscapes and Famous places from the country, and I think that in all Europe these were the two countries that invested more in these so called "Tourism" Series... some of these stamps in both countries are great works of design and engraving so they are National and Internationally "Wanted" stamps and in consequence an excellent way to spread the "Tourism" Message...these series used to have 10 stamps, so they are a little hard to obtain , if you don't buy them in their complete format..the "Tourism" series were somehow difficult to study , because they are erratic in the issues and an additional problem exists ... the "Landscapes and Monuments" series are very similar in their objective , so I think we are standing in front of a denomination problem..only the end almost all the years we had a series that could be called a "Tourism" series....
1965 "Tourism Series" (10) Sc(1285,1286,1287,1289)

1st row)Left]Right] 1966 "St. Mary's Carthusian Monastery,Jerez" (3) Sc(1389,1390)
2nd row) Left] 1968 "Tourism Series" (5) Sc(1534)2nd row) Right] 1970 "St. Mary's of Ripoll Monastery" (3) Sc(1641)
3rd row) Left]Right] 1969 "Las Huelgas Monastery" (3) Sc(1593,1594)

The two first stamps are from the celebration of the Compostela Holy Year... this commemoration is divided in 3 series of 6,7 and 8 stamps each, all of them issued in 1971...
1971 [Left] "Compostela Holy Year (2nd series)" (7) Sc(1658)
1971 [Right] "Compostela Holy Year (3rd series)" (8) Sc(1649) 1971 [Center] "400 Anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto" (3) Sc(1692)

1972 "St. Thomas Monastery, Avila" (3) Sc(1739,1740)

1973 "St. Domingo of Silos Monastery , Burgos " (3) Sc(1786,1787)

 1975 "San juan De La Peña Monastery" (3) Sc(1923,1924)

 1976 "St. Peter of Alcantara Monastery" (3) Sc(2014,2015)

To end this short post , 3 great stamps from the 1982 Landscapes and Monuments Series...

Today was not a talking day , so I hope that just seeing the stamps is enough for You...




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    1. Hello, Good Morning...
      Thank you for your comment...The Art of engraving and the Engravers themselves are one of the most appreciated subjects of our hobby and I always try to focus on some of the good examples each country has to offer... Spain , as we all know had a large number of stamp engravers and continued through time to offer us great examples of this interest in stamp designers led me to conclude that there is insufficient information about Spanish Stamp Designers..(there is information about the engravers , but strangely it is not in the catalogs...). like in the USA and British classics, the majority of the Artists remain hidden behind the Printer House (in Spain's case , FNMT..).. it is a problem that should and could be resolved if there were desire and will to do it , because the information surely exists...
      Thank you again for your comment, and feel free to visit my two blogs whenever You want...