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New Entries

These are stamps from a set 12 "Sword,Map,Cross and Coat of Arms (1922/1923)" ; the emphasis given to the Wmk is due to the fact of all the stamps that are shown in this post have this particular Wmk (S inside a e ...I think it means "Irish Free state")... these are important stamps , because this set is the first to have The Label "Eire" ( Irish name for the Island of Ireland).. before these set , British Overprinted stamps were used ...
Perf: 15 x 14

Complete set 1930 "Completion of Shannon Hydro-electric Schem" ...
The fact that I didn't classify these stamps before, can only be explained by the small (very small!!) number of Irish stamps I have... I only have 5 or 6 of them , from the 80's.. these particular lot came among some other European stamps from the 20's and 30's ( Wonderful lot that was...!!!) To find a supplier of complete lots , albums or collections is a determinant step, in my opinion , because we give continuity to the effort and pleasure someone had in gathering all these small windows to the past...most part of these collections from anonymous people , without a great catalog value, is lost , or dismembered by other sellers, etc...
Perf: 15 x 14
SG(92) Sc(83)

complete set 1931 "Bicentenary of Royal Dublin Society"...
Perf: 15 x 14
SG(93) Sc(84)

from a set 2 1937 "Constitution Day."
Perf: 15 x 14
SG(105) Sc(99)

stamp from a set 2 1956 "John Barry commemoration"
John Barry was an important American , and this supports the fact of the great importance of the Irish and other Immigrant Communities in the USA.
Perf: 15
SG(162) Sc(155)

from a set 2 1964 "Birth Bicentenary of Wolfe Tone (revolutionary)"
Perf: 15
SG(199) Sc(192)

I want to say I'm sorry for this "strange effects" in the happens sometimes with some tonalities and some colors..
stamp from a set 2 1966 "50th Death Anniv of Roger Casement (patriot)."
Perf: 15
SG(221) Sc(214)


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