Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina

New Entries

Perhaps the solution to my "Time" problem is to make shorter posts with fewer stamps in each.. I will try in the next days, starting now..

 I have now some stamps from Bosnia and Herzegovina ; they are stamps from the Austro- Hungarian Empire military post.
It is a very important time and place for XX Century History because it will lead to I World War , with the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 28 of June of 1914.
This stamp belongs to the 1st set of Bosnia.. it is the set 9 "Coat of Arms " .
there are many varieties of these stamps...first they could be of 3 types (I,II or III).. type III is excluded because the coat of arms design touch the bottom of the frame...
I do not understand the difference between type I [1879/1894] and II [1894/1898]( I think that the postmark is covering some important detail...), the perforation is adequate to both types , and the catalog value is not significant and it's similar for both types, so I will leave here both Sc codes... I would be very happy if someone could make a comment to this post with some help....! 
Perf: 10.5
Sc(6)[Type I] or Sc(6a)[Type II] (I'm sure that when I find a new stamp of this set , I will learn..)

from a set 16 1906 "Scenes and Places from Bosnia Herzegovina"... similar 16 designs were used to the  1910 "80th Emperor's Birthday ". ( the difference as to do with a label in the bottom of the stamp in this 1910 issue..)
Perf: 12.5
SG(189a) Sc(33)

stamps from the set 21 "Emperor Francis Joseph I (1912/1914)".
Perf: 12.5
SG(365,367) Sc(68,70)

set 18 1917 "Emperor Karl I"
Perf: 12.5
SG(417) Sc(106)

from the set 3 1917 "Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Fund for Memorial Church at Sarajevo" ... the stamps were sold with a 2h extra price for this Fund..
It's curious that the date of the postmark (28/06/1917) is exactly 3 years after the date commemorated by the stamp itself...(perhaps the date of issue of the stamp.. I don't know..!) 
Perf: 12.5
SG(413) Sc(B13)



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