Tuesday, April 22, 2014


New Entries
Complete Set 1945 "80th Birthday of Sibelius (composer)"
 Perf : 14
Sc(249) SG(411)

 This is a strange set... without knowing the name of the series , I cannot relate the stamps each other.. I don't know what is the relation between a castle , a lake and a lumberjack.. 
Complete set 1930 
Perf: 14
Sc(177,178,179) SG(275,276b,277) 
A little help is needed and Welcome...

[Left Stamp]Complete set 1947 " Conclusion of Peace Treaty" ; a stamp celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the end of II World War, and the return to Work and Family duties
Perf: 14
Sc(249) SG(451)
[Right Stamp] from a set 2 1947 "Post Bus"
Perf: 14
Sc(249) SG(421a)

[Left Stamp] Complete set 1952 " 10th Chess Olympiad, Helsinki"
Perf: 14
Sc(308) SG(512)

[Right Stamp] from a set 3 1952 "Red Cross Fund. Cross in red." ; the stamp represent the Field Marshal Mannerheim
Perf: 14
Sc(B114) SG(507)

[Left stamp] Complete Set 1958 "400th Anniv of Founding of Pori (Bjorneborg)."
Perf: 11.5
Sc(356) SG(588)

[Right Stamps] Complete set 1946 "600th Anniv of Founding of Porvoo (Borga)"
Perf: 14
Sc(254,255) SG(422,423)

from a set 2 1943 "National Relief Fund"
Perf: 14
Sc(B58) SG(390)

Air stamp from 1957... We may consider it a complete set, because there are other stamps with the same design but issued in different dates...
Perf: 11.5
Sc(C7) SG(594)



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