Monday, April 21, 2014


New Entries

In my opinion , since 1925 to the 60's , Austria have great series to collect, with beautiful designs and the most part at reasonable prices.. They are all long series , but availability and price are points in favor of the collector..some of them are in my "Most wanted " series, like the famous  "Provincial Costumes" and "Buildings" , from 1948 and 1957 respectively..
In this post , one thing calls the attention of the viewer.. Some stamps have the label "Osterreich" and others have "Republik Osterreich" ; this fact is easily spotted in time... before II World War and after II World War. 
There is a correction to make to the picture shown above.. the 8g stamp shouldn't be there because it is from a posterior issue ..
We have here stamps from a set 27 "Views of Austria 1945/1946" 
Perf: 13.5 x 14
the 8g stamp is from a set 6 "Views from Austria (1946/1947)"
Perf: 13.5 x 14 

At first view , these are similar to the stamps shown above.. however they are from a posterior issue that is different in the perforation..
from a set 16 "Views from Austria 1947/1948)"
Perf: 14 x 13.5
...... strange postmark in the 1s stamp.....

set 21 from 1925/1927; this time I prefer not to invent a name for it...
Perf: 12

The first two stamps belong to a series 14 "Views of Austria (1929/1930)" ; the third stamp is from a posterior (1932)  issue of the set, with similar designs, but with different perforation and size of the stamp (it is inferior than the stamps of the original series..)
Perf 1)2) : 12.5  Perf 3) 12

this is a "must have " set... one degree below the "Most Wanted" ..(with the money I've got now , I must be the greatest dreamer  in the World.. but it is a beautiful dream, to have all these stamps that I want ..(!!)..)
from a set 20 "Costumes of Austria (1934/1935)"
Perf: 12


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