Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stamps With Personality

New Entries

This post is about the so called Personality stamps.. I must say that I don't collect topics, so for me these are just ordinary stamps..they have also the particularity of in some cases , having lots of history attached , to search and "dig"..Czechoslovakia Philately is  rich in this kind of stamps and has created a unique stile of design ... in the 50's, 60's and 70's beautiful stamps of these "topic" were issued, and some of them (a small number... ) are here presented..
These stamps must , like the others, be classified , so I prefer to gather some of them and do a post , for now ( I have much more to present...)

I could link each of these stamps to an article in the Net about the personalities shown... I decide not to do so , today , because it will be somehow annoying... I will link just one of the stamps...

Complete set 1952 " 360th Birth Anniv of Komensky (educationist)." 
Perf: 12.5
SG(686) Sc(509)

 stamps from the set 6 1970 "Birth Anniversary's of World Personalities"
1)Ludwig Van Beethoven
2)Friedrich Engels
3)Maximilian Hell
4)Josef Manes
Perf: 11.5 x 11
SG(1871,1873,1874,1876) Sc(1668,1669,1670,1672)

from the set 6 1957 "International  Music Festival Jubilee. Musicians."
1) Ferdinand Laub
2) J.B. Foerster
3) Vitezlav Novak

Perf: 11.5
SG(978,980,981) Sc(802,804,805)

from the set 6 1961 "Cultural Anniversaries"
1) Jindrich Mosna
2) Alois Mrstik
3) Karel V. Rais
4) Josef Hora
It could exist a mistake in the classification of the 3rd of the stamps presented... As you can see in the other 3 stamps a book appears, and We know that the personalities are writers or poets..However, in the catalogs a painter is included in these set.. I think that could be a mistake... this stamp "match" perfectly...I must study this , with time..
Perf: 11.5
SG(1215,1217,1218,1219) Sc(1037,1039,1040,1041)

stamps from set 6 1972 "Cultural Anniversaries"
1) Andrei Sladkovic 2) Janko Kral 3) Antonin Hudecek 4) Frantisek Bilek 5) Jan Preisler
Perf: 11
SG(2041,2042,2044,2045,2046)  Sc(1819,1820,1822,1823,1824)

from the set 6 1989 "Birth Anniversaries of Famous Men"
Perf: 11.5 x 12
SG(2968) Sc(2734)


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