Friday, April 18, 2014

The Prince

New Entries

When we talk about Algeria Philately, we got to separate two distinct periods : one , over the influence of France and other as a independent, the next stamps will be presented in chronological order , starting with a overprinted stamp from France .

These stamps were issued for the first time in France in 1900..
They are from  the , so called, "Type Merson".. Olivier Merson was the designer of the stamps ...the stamps have two little signatures in the inferior red (in this case...) frame.. usually the left signature belongs to the designer and the right to the engraver... in this particular stamp , these signatures are not well visible (the same thing occurred in the last issues of this stamps in France ( beginning of the 20's..))
from a set of 32 from 1924, these stamps were issued until 1926...
Perf: 13.5 x 14
SG(29) Sc(28)

these are stamps from a set 31 with 8 different motifs .. only 2 are presented here... these are , without doubts, beautiful stamps... As usual , catalogs don't present names for this kind of series , so I invented one ( it begins to be also usual...) .. I called "Sites et Paysages (1936/1941)"
Perf: 13
SG(108,113,122,128,135) Sc(80,85,94,99,104)

these are stamps of a AIR MAIL set 6 1946 "Plane Over Algiers Harbour"
Perf: 13
SG(255,256,258,259) Sc(C2,C3,C5,C6)

This is the most beautiful stamp of this post, and of all the Algeria stamps I own...
from a set 2 1966 "Transfer from Damasco to Algiers of the ashes of AbdelKader , Emir of Mascara"
Perf: 11.5
SG(468) Sc(359)

from a set 8 "Abdelkader (1967/1971)" ; these 2 stamps are from 1968.
Perf: 13.5
SG(498,501) Sc(382,384)


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