Wednesday, May 14, 2014


New Entries

For me, to complete a series from this period of time , from any country in the world, is always a mark that deserves a small celebration...
Yesterday I said that I will present my latest acquisition... A Promise is a Promise, so here it is...

This is the "3rd Centenary of the Death of Cervantes" from 1916.. the series was issued at 22 April. As You can see, there is no facial value in the stamps... these are Official stamps distributed in the chamber of Deputies and in the Senate.. there is a series of 4 for each one of them..
the stamps were valid from 22/04 to 23/04 and during that day they could be used in the Congressmen correspondence ...
I will present the stamps individually in 2 groups of 4 : the Left Group ( Chamber of Deputies ) and the right Group ( Senate )
Perf : 12
Sc(O18,O16,O17,O19)[Chamber of Deputies]

  National Library

  Chamber of Deputies

          Monument to Cervantes 

     Cervantes Portrait by
        Juan De Jauregui

a link to Cervantes Biography...

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