Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Bishop

New Entries

Today, I thought of having some more recent stamps than I present here a small group of Croatian stamps and a set from Ukraine..

I don't know where this group of stamps from Croatia came from ... they just "appeared".. I don't remember to have bought them, so they must be a part of a larger lot of stamps I acquired in recent Years (2011, or 2012..)
This is the 1st Air Mail series of Croatia... the stamps are from 1991 and the series is complete.. 
Perf: 10.5 x 11
SG(154,155,156) Sc(C1,C2,C3)

in those days (1991,1992...) Croatia was a wounded country, recently emerged from a devastating War... so, it is not strange that there were many Postal Tax stamps, gathering financial help for the most diverse purposes.. here is a group of individual Postal Tax stamps

from left to right , we have:
1) issued in 01/11/1991.. complete set " Obligatory Tax. Workers' Fund. Re-erection of Ban Josip Jelacic Equestrian Statue, Zagreb" ; this was a postal Tax obligatory during all the November month..
Perf: 10.5 x 11
SG(158) Sc(RA25)

2) issued in 01/08/1992 .. complete set "Obligatory Tax. Fund for National Shrine to Madonna of Bistrica" ; obligatory during the month of August.
Perf: 14
SG(197) Sc(RA35)

3) issued in 04/11/1992.. complete set "Obligatory Tax. Croatian Anti-cancer League"..obligatory during the month of November.. the stamp represents St. George slaying the Dragon..
Perf: 14
SG(205) Sc(RA37)

4) initially the surcharge was obligatory in all the middle of the year of 1992 , these stamps were allowed to serve as current postage stamps with the value of 10d (in this case..)
Issued in 04/02/1992 , this is a stamp from the set 3 1992 "Obligatory Tax. Famous Croatians"
Perf: 14 (the 1st two stamps have 10.5 x 11)
SG(173) Sc(B102)

Complete set 1992 "Arms of Croatia" ; in 1991 was issued a similar stamp, a postal Tax stamp ,  with the value of 2.20d..
Perf: 10.5 x 11
SG(170) Sc(104)

Complete set 1992 "125th Anniv of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts." ; the stamp represents Bishop Josip Strossmayer.
Perf: 14
SG(188) Sc(127)

stamp from set 2 1993 "Christmas"
Perf: 14
SG(262) Sc(180)

This complete set of Ukraine was given to me by a seller who sent me this as a bonus for another buy.. In addition to this set I only have that "Non Existing" set 14 1920(they are very beautiful, but never really were placed in use..)
This is a set from 1997 named "Protected Animals"
Perf: 13.5
SG(166,167) Sc(259,260)


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