Tuesday, May 6, 2014

To Mr.Heinz

New Entries

All of the stamps I present today, belong to the same lot... I bought it some time ago, and It is something that I'm proud of...The lot begins in the middle 60's and end's in 1988... since 1967 it also brought many FDC's and 1or 2  letters for each series in these period of time.. The original collector of this lot had someone in Vatican City who, for years , sent him not only the series (MNH stamps), but a letter with the same series in paper and during this time , some FDC's (not all of them...) .. What make's me happy is to think that "Mr. Heinz" has passed away, his collection was sold , but now it belongs to me ( at least great part of it...).. I think that in the end it is the destiny we all want to our collections..(to serve another collector, and not to be divided by consecutive sellers...) ...Some of You are already thinking "It doesn't value anything..." ; well , for me it is the most valuable thing I've got !! Of course, having so many years of Vatican stamps, make's me think hard in having the most desired years (30's and 40's...).. That's something the future will tell...
I have classified most of the series , but the FDC's and letters are still in the "waiting" list.. of course , someday they will be presented here in some posts...

The series presented above is from 1963 and it is named "Freedom from Hunger"... Most of Vatican stamps are reproductions of paintings , sculptures and other works of art... The main themes of the stamps are the Christian Teaching's and the life of the Pope who in each moment command's all the Christian Church.
The paintings in these series represent the miracles of the Loaves and  Fishes; at least one of the two paintings is from Murillo.
Perf: 14
SG(400,401,402,403) Sc(356,357,358,359) 

The Wmk at right is present in almost all of the stamps , until the 80's ( when the presence of the Wmk was no longer imperative...)

Complete set 1965 " Declaration of St. Benedict as Patron Saint of Europe"
Perf: 14
SG(458,459) Sc(414,415) Wmk

Complete series from 1966 "Bas-Reliefs" ; the stamps represent bas -reliefs present on the Private Chapel of the Pope; nine of the stamps are from a chair from the Chapel and represents different professions ... the 1st stamp is from another part of the Chapel and Pope Paul VI is represented. There is another series 2 in 1966 that complement's this one..(I have already classified those 2 stamps...)
Perf: 14
SG(467,.., 476) Sc(423,..,432)

This video presents all the Vatican stamps issued in 1967.. (one of my last videos..)

Here is a complete series 1985 "900th Death Anniv of Pope Gregory VII" and a letter with the same series...

Perf: 14 x 13.5
SG(839,840,841) Sc(758,759,760)


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