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Today, I will start with some Croatian and Romanian stamps.


[Left] in other previous post with more stamps from Croatia , I have presented the other two stamps of this series (3) 1943 "Famous Croats" ; the picture represents Catherine Zrinski.. The Zrinsksi were a influential noble Family from Croatia also very respected in Hungary.. The Power of the Family was due mainly to the Ottoman Wars in the Southeast Europe.. Catherine married a member of the Family and became also a Zrinski.. she was known to be a Poetess.
Perf: 12
[Des] Ivo Rezek (b 1898/d 1979)
[Engr] K. Seisinger

[Right] some stamps from a series (19)  1941/1943 mainly with pictures of Cities and Landscapes from Croatia.. the stamps have a weak printing and the detail is very poor (sometimes we barely understand what we are seeing...) ; however , this series, presents us a delicate set of colors (Prussian Green, Carmine Lake, Deep Ultramarine or Dark Plum Violet...) .. it deserved a better printing , but those were the War days..!..
Perf: 11


Here are some stamps representing King Michael I from Romania , first as a young Child and then as ruling King.. there are 3 series with the same design (as a child..)..the 2nd series is Wmk and the others don't..the 3rd series has perf. 14 x 14.5 and others have 13.5 x 14 and/or 13.5.
1st Group) from a series (9) "King Michael I (1928/1929) I series"
Perf: 13.5
[Des] Ludovic Bassarab (b 1866/d 1933)
2nd group) from a series (3) "King Michael I (1928) II series"
Perf: 13.5
[Des] Ludovic Bassarab (b 1866/d 1933)
3rd Group) from a series (5) 1947 "King Michael I" 
Perf: 13.5 
[Des] Ary Murnu (b 1881/d 1971)

Saturday morning ,I was talking to a friend of mine and in the middle of the conversation, Romanian and Hungarian stamps appeared with something like "Oh.. everybody have lots of those.. I can't even exchange them.. "..Romanian stamps are indeed easily available and in most cases with low or very low prices... however , we should have caution with what we exchange.. because there are lots of variety's ,errors and other aspects that could turn a "easy" stamp in a "scarce" stamp.. ( with the correspondent change in value, of course...).. 
for example, in this series we must study carefully the Wmk's because there are a few varieties.. [ this aspects are only available with National Catalogs and specific articles...]
series (11) 1930 "King Carol II" 
Perf: 14
[Des] Ludovic Bassarab (b1866/d 1933)

[Left] series (4) 1961 "Romanian Scientists" ; the first stamp represents Peter Poni who imagined and developed same Chemical items.. ; the second show us C. Budeanu that developed a series of electrical formulas..
Perf: 13 x 13.5
[Des] V. Grigorescu (?/?)
[Right] from a series (6) 1965 "Cultural Anniversaries" ; We have Ion Bianu , a Philologist and a Writer , Anton Bacalbasa
Perf: 13.5
[Des] S. Zainea (1907/1990)

I have some 3 or 4 more stamps to show in this post  but I'm beginning to have a Headache ,so I will leave them to another post...


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