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New Entries

Yugoslavia Stamps

  • 1935/1936 "King Peter II" (15) [Perf 13 x 12.5] Sc(116,117,118,119,120,122,123,124,125,126,128,129) [Typo]

Italy Stamps

 [Left] 1958 "Birth Centenary of Eleonora Duse (actress)" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (M. Colombati)] [Recess (M. Colombati)] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma] Sc(760)

[Right] 1957 "500th Birth Anniv of Filippino Lippi (painter)" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (Victorio Nicastro)] [Recess (Victorio Nicastro)] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma] Sc(729)

[Left] 1955 "30th Death Anniv of Grassi (biologist)" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (Victorio Nicastro)] [Photo] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma] Sc(701)

[Right] 1963 "Birth Centenary of Gabriele D'Annunzio (author and soldier)" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (G. Barbieri)] [Recess (Alceo Quieti)] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma] Sc(870)

[Left] 1966 "50th Death Annivs of World War I Heroes" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (R. Ferrini)] [Photo] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma] Sc(945)

[Right] 1956 " Death Centenary of Avogadro (physicist)" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (Guglielmo Savini)] [Photo] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma] Sc(714)

[Left] 1967 "Birth Centenary of Arturo Toscanini (orchestral conductor)" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (R. Ferrini)] [Photo] [IPS Off Carte Valori , Roma)] Sc(948)

[Right] 1959 "Int War Veterans' Assn Convention, Rome" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (Luigi Gasbarra)] [Recess (Silvestro Vana)] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma)] Sc(770)

[Left] 1953 "700th Death Anniv of St. Clare" (1) [Perf 14] [Photo] [ IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma)] Sc(625)

[Right] 1962 "Centenary of Court of Accounts" (1) [Perf 14] [Recess (Victorio Nicastro)] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma)] Sc(868)

[Left] 1958 "Birth Centenary of Puccini (opera composer)" (1) [Perf 14] [Des (C. Parravicini)] [Recess (M. Canfarini)] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma)] Sc(746)

[Right] 1959 "Centenary of 2nd War of Independence" (5) [Perf 14] [Des (Luigi Gasbarra)] [Recess (Victorio Nicastro)(M. Colombati)] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma)] Sc(778)

 [Left] 1953 "Sights and Views of Italy" (6) [Perf 14] [Des (R. Ferrini)] [Photo] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma)] Sc(641,644)

[Right] 1960 "XVII Olympic Games ,Rome", (9) [Perf 14] [Des (Tranquillo Marangoni)] [Recess (M. Colombati)] [IPS Off Carte Valori, Roma)] Sc(805)

The XVII Olympic Games , Rome


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