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New Entries

Today I have some stamps from Berlin, Germany...
If you are a regular visitor of this blog , you should have noticed that in my last post , there were less words than usual.. I tried to make a post only with the stamps and the technical data.. 
I think that my "talk (!!..)" is sometimes excessive and I'm still trying to make 'the' ideal post...
So experiences are taking place ... 
The first stamps of this post are from a beautiful series from 1965... this series used some paintings of Artists from the XIX Century , that reproduce accurately the society and people from those times ...

 The 1st painting is from C.W. Allers and represent's a carriage pulled by horses, that was the common City transport... in the 2nd we can see a shoemaker, a rare profession nowadays , painted by Adolph von Menzel ; three Ladies , probably from medium or high class , are represented in the 3rd painting by Franz Kruger..

1965 "19th Century Berliners" (8) [Perf 14] [Recess] Sc(269,271,273)

This next group of stamps show us some important figures of German Society... they are all individual complete series ; here is some technical data (from left to right) :

  • 1970 "150th Birth Anniv of Theodor Fontane (writer)" (1) [Perf 14][painting by Hanns Fechner][Photo] Sc(282)
  • 1971 "150th Anniv of Hermann von Helmholtz (scientist)" (1) [Perf 14][Painting by K. Morell-Kramer][Photo] Sc(314)
  • 1972 "125th Birth Anniv of Max Liebermann (painter)" (1) [Perf 14] [Painting by Max Lieberman][Photo] Sc(332)
  • 1972 "150th Death Anniv of Karl August von Hardenberg (statesman)" (1) [Perf 14][Painting by Tischbein][Photo] Sc(333)
  • 1969 "Anniversaries (Alexander Von Humbpoltd 1789/1859)" (1) [Perf 14] [Painting by Joseph Stieler][Photo] Sc(281)

If I were a topical collector, I would have today a new topic and three good acquisitions ; the next stamps represent 3 different Orchestra conductors or 'Maestros'...
  • 1969 "Anniversaries (Joseph Joachim 1831/1907 Violinist, composer and conductor)" (1) [Perf 14] [Painting by Adolph Von Meizel][Photo] Sc(280)
  • 1980 "Birth Centenary of Robert Stolz (composer)" (1) [Perf 14][Photo] Sc(456)
  • 1985 " Birth Centenary of Otto Klemperer (orchestral conductor)" (1) [Perf 14][Recess] Sc(502) ;
Yesterday I spent hours searching the Net for the data related to these stamps... I found almost 'nothing' .. It was a big surprise for me , used as I am to the usual order and efficiency  of the German way of 'doing things'... there is nothing, nothing at all... I have to solve this insufficiency of data ( not only in this case..) by other way , because I am seeing that the Internet isn't rich enough in this kind of information..not only the info is disorganized but it is really missing in some cases - remarkable..!! - ..

This complete series is from 1965 and it is called "New Berlin"... 

  • 1965 "New Berlin" (12) [Perf 14] [Des ( Hiller )][Litho/Engr] Sc(223,...,234)

Two beautiful stamps....
[Left] 1978 "Birth Cent of Walter Kollo (composer)" (1) [Perf 14] [Recess] Sc(415)

[Right] 1983 "150th Anniv of Berlin-Coblenz Optical-Mechanical Telegraph" (1) [Perf 14] [Recess] Sc(484)

1972 "Paintings of Berlin Lakes"  (3) [Perf 14] [*][Photo] Sc(328,329,330)
* [1st] painting by A. Von Riesen
* [2nd] painting by Max Lieberman]
* [3rd] painting by Walter Lelstikow

and now  , to end , two MS from Japan :

I usualy work with 3 World catalogs ( 1 online and 2 in paper..).. in this particular case these two MS don't appear in two of them and the other only tells that they were given as prize in the New Year lottery (1974 and 1977) , giving them no codes..[perhaps I win the "Euromilhões" I played today...] ;
It is very useful to work with all these catalogs because I can cross information between them....; when it is possible I prefer to work with a National catalog and two of the others... in this case I have a Japanese Catalog and I left here the page where these two MS appear... 


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