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Today I will open a group of two three posts dedicated to Russia stamps.... I have many , all very common, and I need to classify some of them from the 60's and 70's ... The stamps I have today are all from 1963.. 

1963 "Ural Mountains Gems" (6) [Perf 12] [Des (N.Kruglov)] [Litho] Sc(2825,...,2828)
Let us start with a series that is dedicated to minerals.. it is one of the most appreciated topics for collectors.. every country in a part of it's Philatelic history has one series about the minerals that inhabit underground soil ; 
I know the 6k stamp is totally damaged , but it will stay until I have another..

                                                                A day at Samarkand

1963 "Ancient Samarkand Buildings" (3) [Perf 12] [Des (V. Pimenov)] [Litho] Sc(2808,2809)
I think that in this post there isn't much to talk about.. these are common stamps , everybody have them, and so I leave some links that have something to do with the stamps... Try to enjoy them!

1963 "Red Cross Centenary" (2) [Perf 12.5] [Des (I. Levin)] [Photo] Sc(2766,2767)

1963 "Portraits" (4) [Perf 11.5] [Des (V. Zavyalov(1) / S. Sokolov(2,3))] [Photo] Sc(2787,2788,2789) 
The 1st stamp is dedicated to the '150th birth Anniversary of N.P. Ogarev (Polititian)'
The 2nd stamp represents the '90th birth Anniversary of V. Brusov (Poet)'
The 3rd stamp commemorates the '80th birth Anniversary of F. Gladkov (Writer)'

[Left] 1963 "Circus Artists" (3) [Perf 12 x 12.5] [Des (S. Pomansky)] [Recess] Sc(2814)
'Birth Anniversary of V.L. Durov (Circus Clown)'
[Right] 1963 "Grimau Commemoration" (1) [Perf 11.5] [Des (V. Zavyalov)] [Photo] Sc(2819)
'Julio Grimau Garcia (Spanish Anti-Fascist fighter)'

[Left] 1963 "80th Birth Anniv of Sergeev (revolutionary)" (1) [Perf 12 x 12.5] [Des (V. Zavyalov)] [Photo] Sc(2838)
Commemorates the life of F.A. Sergeev.
[Right] 1963 "90th Anniversary of Mikas J. Petrauskas (Lituan Composer)" (1) [Perf 11.5 x 12] [Des (V. Zavyalov)] [Photo] Sc(2823)

1963 "Poletaev Commemoration" (1) [Perf 12.5 x 12] [Des (A. Zavyalov)] [Litho] Sc(2818)
this stamp is about the life of Fyodor A. Poletaev ,Hero of the USSR, National Hero of Italy and Owner of the Order of Garibaldi..

[Left] 1963 "Cuban-Soviet Friendship" (3) [Perf 11.5] [Des (I. Kominarets)] [Photo] Sc(2737)
this series  marks a time of great uncertainty and one of the most dangerous periods of the 'Cold War'..the "Cuba missile Crisis" almost dragged the all world to another War of unpredictable results...
[Right] 1963 "3rd People's Spartakiad" (5) [Perf 12 x 12.5] [Des (L. Zavyalov)] [Litho] Sc(2759)

[Left] 1963 "15th Anniv of Declaration of Human Rights" (1) [Perf 12 x 12.5] [Des (I. Levin)] [Litho] Sc(2837)
[Right] 1963 "Happy New Year 2nd Series" (2) [Perf 11.5] [Des (Yu. Ryakhovsky)] [Litho][Embossed] Sc(2821,2822)
In these stamps , only the label '1964' and the frame are embossed...

This is a small post , with less stamps than usual and above all , uninteresting...
However , these are also stamps and good stamps (..!)  and I must classify them ...I have many more , and next post will be with stamps from 1961...

See you..

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