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Self Portrait.?!?..

Before starting the post itself , and start showing the stamps I have today , I like to tell you something i have discovered last night... ; one of the stamps of the 1954 "Profession" series from Czechoslovakia that I used in my last post , was designed by Cyril Bouda , a Master Illustrator... if You put side by side , a photo of Bouda and the stamp , we notice that it is the Artist itself that goes "riding" the train, and the stamp is nothing more than a Self Portrait..
It is sourly a know fact [ by the Czeck Post personal and the Engraver ]  but I didn't realize it until now , so I think it could be a fact of interest...

[updated 19/06/2016]


What You think ??
New Entries

I will begin with some stamps from China PRC..the stamps are from a beautiful definitive series from 1981/1983 "China Scenery"

when I was ' surfing ' the Net , trying to find available data for Chinese stamps, I noticed that prices of the stamps from the beginning of the 80's are starting to rise, with some commemorative series already at high prices.. I think that we have to live with this fact , and eventually all stamps from the 80's will reach higher prices , due to the increasing demand..
[Des] This beautiful landscapes were designed by Chen Xiaocun and  Jiang Weijie.. I managed to get all the data I want but in this particular case , I cannot specify what stamps have been the work of each of the Artists ( same thing with the engravers..)
[Engr] Sun Hongnian, Li Qingfa, Gao Pinzhang, Hu Zhengyuan, Yan Bingwu, Jiang Weijie
[Print] 'Beijing Postage Stamps Printing Works'
Perf: 11.5


The rest of this post is dedicated to Colombia stamps.. I want to highlight the influence of some British Printing Houses in this period of time of Colombian Philately... Company's like Waterlow and sons, Perkins Bacon & Co. and Thomas De La Rue capitalize most of the work from the early days  until the 30's , 40's.. 

This first stamp I have to present , is damaged , I know (!) but it is beautiful...!! I don't know what is the purpose of the Hand writing , but it ruins the stamp (At least that's what I think..).
the stamp, showing us the Tequendama Waterfalls , belongs to series (2) 1917 "Landscapes (??)"
For these Colombian stamps , I could not manage to get Designers and engravers data... in this case , even the Printing is unknown .
Perf: 14

This series is the first I have to present from a group of series dedicated to the Colombian Resources and Exportations...
4 stamps of a series (6) 1932 "Colombian Resources" ; we can see that in the pictures we find , the petroleum , coffee , gold and emeralds Industry's .. these motifs are common to other series , as We will see..
Perf: 12.5
[Engr][Print] Waterlow and Sons Limited, London

stamps from a series (15) 1932/1939 "Resources" ; all the values have been issued in 1932 and two extra stamps of 15c and 20c were issued in 1939.. we have now coffee , banana, cattle, and petroleum motifs..
Perf: 14
[Photo] [Wmk] [Air Mail]

[Left] stamps from a series (3) 1937 " Barranquilla Industrial Exhibition"
Perf: 12.5
[Photo][Print] Waterlow and Sons Limited, London

[Right] Complete series 1946 "Bogota Observatory"
Perf: 11
[Litho][Print] Lit. Colombia , Bogotá

from a series (11) 1945 "Natural and Historic Sights of Colombia" ; in the pictures presented there are three different motifs.. The Fort of San Sebastian in Cartagena, The Tequendama Waterfalls and the Santa Maria Bay.
Perf: 11
[Photo] [Print] [Air Mail] Lit. Colombia, Bogotá

[Left] Complete series 1947 "Coffee Plant"
Perf: 12.5
[Engr][Litho][Print] Waterlow and Sons Limited, London

[Right] from a series (22) 1956 "Regional Industries"
Perf: 13.5 x 13
[Engr][Litho][Print] Thomas De La Rue $ Co. Ltd

Ufff.. this was a long post.!..


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