Monday, August 18, 2014

El Alamein

New Entries

Some stamps from Egypt are on the Menu today...
I think they are beautiful stamps , very colorful and with lot's of details to analyse...
You already know of my personal quest for 1967 stamps.. Well these are all stamps from that particular year, but there are some of them missing yet...( the Year is not complete..)

Let us start..


 This is a series that represents items obtained with the discovery of the treasure of Tutankhamun.. the opening of his Tomb is surrounded by mystery and questions, many questions...
I will not give any emphasis's to this mystery approach but i will leave here a link to an interesting recent Egyptian attempt to answer some of the questions about the Pharaoh's Paternity..  (*) [King Tut Unwrapped Ep.1 - part 1/part 2][Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty (part 1/10)] If you want to pass some time among Gods, Pharaoh's and Mummy's You can follow this path, starting by the 1st King Tut video and searching for the others ...It's time well spent...

All of the stamps that are presented here today have this wmk.. it represents multiple eagles from a coat of arms... this is just an image taken from one catalog , but the wmk is clearly and easily visible in every one of the stamps...
these are really spectacular stamps...

1967 "Post Day / " (4) [Perf 11.5][Photo] Sc(712,713,B33,B34)

Some of you already noticed the presence of the Label "UAR" in all of these stamps... As you know the United Arab Republic begins in 1958 with the merge of Egyptian and Syrian Governments... However in 1961 a Military coup brings the independence from UAR to Syria..Egypt alone continued for some more years to be called the UAR..
[Left] 1967 "Ramadan Festival" (1) [Perf 11.5][Photo] Sc(714)
[Right] 1967 "Tree Festival" (1) [Perf 11.5][Photo] Sc(715)

These are stamps related to tourism... We can find in this series the Urgency of saving the Nubian Monuments ,publicity to Hunting, a reminder of the famous WW II Battle of El Alamein (*) , the Virgin's Tree and the importance of the Red Sea...

(*) there were two Battles of El Alamein, both taken place in 1942.. I leave here two links for Wikipedia, one for each Battle , for those who , like me , like to watch , study and know things about War strategy..
1st Battle 2nd Battle
small video

1967 "International Tourism Year" (5) [Perf 11.5][Photo] Sc(912,...,916)

[Left] the stamp represents Jamal ad-din Al-Afghani
1967 "Arab Publicity Week" (1) [Perf 11 x 11.5][Photo] Sc(716)

[Right] President Nasser appears in this stamp along with a map of Palestine.
1967 "Arab solidarity for Palestine Defence" (1) [Perf 11.5][Photo] Sc(721)

 [Left] "1st Industrial Census" (1) [Perf 11x11.5][Photo] Sc(717)

[Right] "Labour Day" (1) [Perf 11x11.5][Photo] Sc(718)

A small SS celebrating the Regional and National Export Products..
1967 "15th Anniversary of the Revolution / National Products" (1) [Imperf][Photo] Sc(722)

[Left]  represent a Campaign by UNESCO regarding the Restauration of Florence and Venice Monuments...
1967 ""Save the Monuments of Florence and Venice" (2) [Perf 11.5][Photo] Sc(B35,B36)
[Right] 1967 "World Savings Day" (1) [Perf 11.5][Photo] Sc(725)

1967 "U.N. Day. Egyptian Art" (3) [Perf 11.5][Photo] Sc(724,...,726)

I Would like to end this post with some notes related somehow to Egypt and to these stamps..
In my recent attempts to find information about the Designers of the stamps I present here, I came across a Egyptian Site that captured my attention.. it is the site of the "New Library of Alexandria" where important sectors of Egyptian History and Legacy are kept and Digitized for future Generations.. it is the case of Postage Stamps and Coins ,that have a beautiful and well organized program in the site , but it is only in Arabic Language...!!! please , make this sections available to everyone..!! if it is a On-going project , there is no reason to deny this knowledge and info to the rest of the world...
Finally I would like to tell that some of these stamps would have much to gain if they were engraved..[Photogravure doesn't help...] ! they would be Great Works of Art of our little Stamp world.... 


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